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Bela Padilla answers basher who wished her to be “cancelled” for her past controversies

  • Kapamilya actress Bela Padilla gracefully answered a netizen wanting her to be “cancelled” for her supposed transgressions since 2012.
  • The 26-year old actress refused to accept the saucy remarks of the netizens.

Amid the controversial fashion shoot of engaged couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia in Ethiopia, a netizen was triggered and remembered the past transgressions of the Kapamilya actress Bela Padilla. According to the series of tweets, the netizen wanted the 26-year old actress to be “cancelled” due to her past issues.

The term “cancel(ed)”—according to a lifestyle magazine—is a millennial word that means: to reject something because it’s no longer trendy or it’s become too ratchet.

The netizen pointed out the 2012 FHM cover wherein it drew flak over ‘discrimination’ accusations.

“While Hollywood is taking the revolutionary path by making movies like Black Panther & Moonlight, here we are utilizing black people as BACKGROUND for photoshoots of fair-skinned celebrities,” the netizen first wrote.

The netizen then added the first movie that Bela personally wrote, “Last Night.” The said film starred Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga which talked about the issue of suicide and depression.

According to the netizen, the movie was poorly treated and lack psychological distress in some of its scenes.

“OH MY GOD PEOPLE?! You mean you still ain’t cancelling b/ela prior seeing this?! After her problematic insights on joey de leon’s depression remark? After writing a romanticised movie on suicide? YOU SERIOUS?!” the netizen added.

Meanwhile, Bela refused to accept the impudent comments of the netizen.

“Sinong nagimbento ng concept na we can and should ‘cancel (cancelledt)’ people? Anong klaseng pag-iisip yan?  Paurong. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You cannot exclude people, that’s not your call,” the actress-script writer replied.

Bela then said that she already apologized for her controversial photo shoot in 2012. “Hello, Thea 🙂 I’ve seen your tweets and I have apologized for my 2012 cover over and over and the copies were recalled. When people make mistakes and say sorry I hope you try to forgive. You can’t “cancel” certain people bec that makes your fight to protect them inconsistent,” she wrote.

The “Meet Me In St. Gallen” actress also answered the saucy comment of the netizen on her film “Last Night.”

“At the same time, we have different views on different matters, you expressed yours as I did, mine. If I romanticized depression, ako na “magcacancel” ng sarili ko para sayo. But I didn’t,” she said.

Bela further emphasized that she actually received positive feedback about the movie from people suffering from depression.

“The amount of people who spoke to me and the team behind Last Night because of the help they felt they got after it is honestly enough for me to ignore your baseless tweets. But I don’t want you walking around today with hate in your heart, so bibigyan kita na peace of mind,” she added.

In the latter part of her series of tweets, Bela wishes the netizen to achieve more in her life rather than throwing negative things to other people.

“If the movie didn’t work for you, it worked for the people it was meant for,  have an amazing day, Thea…actually, have an amazing life i would love to see you achieve what you want in life so you dont feel the need to hate people so much,” she ended.


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