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REEL TO REAL: After JaDine and LizQuen admitted being real life couples, who’s next?

  • LizQuen following the footsteps of JaDine in being a real-life couple
  • KathNiel is still quiet about the next step of their relationship
  • Teenage loveteams that have the potential of being a couple behind the camera

Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano finally admitted that they are lovebirds in real life, and officially taken by each other. Fans are thrilled with this revelation and can’t wait to see the next chapters of their relationship.

This is not the first time that millennial celebrity love teams fell in love in real life. JaDine, for example, is known to be bold in expressing their love for each other in public.

Now that there’s a familiar trend building up, who will be the next potential celebrity love teams that will fall in love beyond the screen?

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

KathNiel fans can now relax from the latest allegations of Daniel Padilla and Liza Soberano caught being together in a photo.

The great chemistry between Kathryn and Daniel has intrigued the fans if they will have the same spark in real life. KathNiel has no official announcement for this speculation, but the couple was caught several times being sweet to each other behind the camera.

Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador

Elmo Magalona already announced that he will pursue courting Janella. However, the young actress may not be ready yet in being in a relationship due to her family’s strict rules and protective custody. But, she is open to the idea of Elmo courting her. If he can wait, that is.

Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto

Joshua professed her love to Julia early this January 2018, and even prepared a nice Valentine’s Day surprise for the young actress in his own home. Marjorie, Julia’s mother, is fine with Joshua and thinks that the young man is great for Julia. There is no official statement if Julia already said yes, and we don’t see any reason, so “why not?”.


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