Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista feud is far from over

  • Marian and Heart feud restarted when netizens saw Andrea Torres in Heart’s exhibit
  • Marian also had a snubbing incident with Andrea Torres
  • Dingdong Dantes is planning to run for politics next year

It looks like the long-running feud between Marian and Heart Evangelista is far from over. The feud started in 2011 and both actresses are secretly stabbing each other’s back in the following years.

Just recently, the controversy sparked again when Andrea Torres went to Heart Evangelista’s exhibit opening.

Marian and Andrea also had a snubbing incident last 2017 when Marian intentionally missed mentioning Andrea’s name when the sexy actress was about to perform in Eat Bulaga. While that looked like just an honest mistake, according to Pep’s source, an email sender witnessed Marian saying “ew” to Andrea when they crossed paths near the studio’s dressing room.

It looks like something hot is boiling behind the pretty face of Marian Rivera.

Looking back on her feud with Heart, it started when Heart’s ex-boyfriend, Daniel Matsunaga, shared his interest to work with Marian Rivera. On the other hand, Heart also expressed that she’s excited to partner with Marian’s husband, Dingdong Dantes.

Since then, the fans of both sides started fighting and bashing each rival actresses. The two pretty actresses released an official statement several times on television that they don’t hate each other, but their actions suggest otherwise.

They’ve gone through all sorts of trouble from being compared who is the sexier calendar girl to who wore the original and fake D&G shirt.

Whether it all rooted out of jealousy or envy, no one can actually say the real reason why the two fights and can’t make peace until now. It might be the right time that the two of them settle each other’s since their behavior may not be well-inclined with their husband’s political career.

There are speculations that Dingdong Dantes will run for politics in 2019. If he will, fans of Marian and Heart will have another reason to fight on who’s got the better political husband.



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