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Is it really goodbye for Sofia Andres in “Bagani”?

  • Sofia Andres’s Mayari bid farewell in ‘Bagani’
  • Is her death for real or just a joke?
  • Sarimaw killed Mayari during an attack in the sea kingdom

Last night’s episode of “Bagani” shocked the avid viewers after Sarimaw (Ryan Eigenmann) put to death one of the Baganis and that was–Mayari (Sofia Andres).

The deity who looks after the Sansinukob got furious over the death of his brother, Apo. Upon his return after Lakam (Matteo Guidicelli) freed him from exile; he violently attacked the Sea Region where Mayari was from.

Whether the move to remove the character of Taga Laot native is tentative or not; questions continue to surface—if this was for the ratings’ sake or was it really part of the vision of the creators to shake the ‘faith’ and ‘unity’ between the chosen heroes in this most ambitious fantasy series of ABS-CBN.

The ‘Baganis’. Andres posed with her fellow Baganis–Matteo Guidicelli, Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano and Makisig Morales.

Recently, it can be reckoned that Andres, as the starlet once figured in an issue with the press particularly the online media for being rude while being interviewed or being in the middle of a Q and A during a press conference. She was accused of fiddling her mobile phone which the press found it insulting and revolting at the same time.

In her previous interviews, she claimed that she had ‘fear of rejection’ (to which some couldn’t understand the connection) and her latest alibi was that she was going through something difficult at the time. Whether sincere or not in her efforts to apologize to the people she offended; most of her detractors are hoping that the female young star has learned her lesson to behave and conduct herself appropriately as a public figure.

Sofia’s character is born a slave in the Sea Region. She had feelings for Datu (Enzo Pineda). As a Bagani, she was bestowed with the powers of a mythical merfolk with reptilian appearance— Kataw (Ahron Villena). Her supernatural powers are to protect anything that or anyone who is important to her.

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