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Sarah Geronimo receives support from Matteo Guidicelli, fans after Las Vegas concert

  • Sarah Geronimo’s busy schedule and hectic environment had taken a toll on her.
  • She, then, broke down during her This 15 Me concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Her loyal fans also gave her undying support and love. 

Sarah Geronimo is one of the huge stars in the Philippines. However, being one of the huge stars lead to busy schedules and hectic environments. Unfortunately, this caught up to her during her This 15 Me concert in Las Vegas.

She broke down as her busy schedule took a toll on her.

In one of her spiels, Sarah shared how much she wanted to share her talent. She has the pressure to always do and be good. She also added that she always has a pressure to become a perfect role model.

However, sometimes the Popstar Royalty finds it hard as she’s always tiring herself out.

“Ginusto ko pong maibahagi ang talento ko pero hindi po pala ako handa doon sa mga kasama nung mga hiningi ko. Lalo na po yung pressure to always do good, maging role model ka, maging perpekto ka. Mahirap po, kasi pagod po ako.”

Sarah started performed one of her hit songs, Forever’s Not Enough. However, she couldn’t finish her songs as tears started to roll down her cheeks which forced her to walk off the stage.

“Kayo po na patuloy na naniniwala. 15 years. Maraming, maraming salamat po. Forever po akong magiging thankful sa inyo.”

Sarah’s boyfriend, Matteo Guidicelli, also showed his undying support for the Popstar Royalty. His Instagram post also serves as one of the most intimate photos they ever had on social media. Sarah and Matteo also kept their relationship on the down low.

“Keep walking, i’ll always be beside you. No matter what. I love you my love. And I miss you. ☺”

Sarah’s loyal fans quickly showed their support to their idol. One netizen also couldn’t help but get tired and wasn’t surprised as Sarah continues to beat her own game and break records.

They continued to rightfully call Sarah a legend.

“Sarah Geronimo getting tired is no surprise, being a singer to a top performer, actress, and a superstar beating her game and breaking records since her starting years until now is hard to achieve and to maintain. Sarah is a legend.”

Another netizen pointed out how the entertainment industry is becoming too toxic. They also noted how a lot of celebrities nowadays struggle in the field they work in.

“That video of Sarah Geronimo breaking down at her Las Vegas concert makes you wonder how their industry is ruining their personal lives. The struggle is real. It looks like there’s a common thing with famous people.”

One netizen also remarked how Sarah is calling for help. They continued to call out her management and demand they listen to the Popstar Royalty. They also pointed out how much Sarah needs a much needed long vacation. However, they couldn’t help but think Sarah would retire soon.

“This is a cry for help. Her management should listen to her. She needs a long vacation. I feel for Sarah Geronimo & other performers. All these artists will burn out, or worse, lose their voices. I wouldn’t be surprised if she retires soon. So sad as she is still young”

Another netizen shared how much emotional Sarah’s break-down had made them. They also added that seeing Sarah’s break-down breaks their heart.

“So I’m crying because of that Sarah Geronimo video clip breaking down in her concert. I just adore and love her so much that it breaks my heart seeing her like that. “

A netizen also shared how heartbreaking it is to see Sarah break-down. They referred to articles saying Sarah kept apologizing after walking off the stage. The netizen also continued that Sarah was even worried that people won’t like how she didn’t finish a great performance and that Sarah may have felt like she let down the people had paid to see her.

“Breaks my heart to hear that Sarah G. cried at her Vegas concert tour. I was going to watch that leg of her tour but I didn’t have enough time.She was worried about not giving a great performance,she felt like she’s let down those people to see her. “

One netizen mentioned that Sarah needs a long time to heal herself. They also added an advice to Sarah just in case, she can read her message.

“Sarah needs time to heal herself I feel emotional watching her video. Sarah live your life the way you want if it have to be away from people who put weight on your shoulders! Set her wings free! “



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