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“Stupid Brat?” Kris Aquino hits back at trolls

  • The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino still has the crown on her head.
  • Netizens and bashers slammed Kris on speaking up again.
  • Kris then clapped back against bashers and trolls with a hilariously unique remark.

The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino posted photos and videos of her stand against Asec. Mocha Uson. Naturally, netizens would slam Kris for speaking up again.

Kris, being her own quintessential self, clapped back against bashers and trolls.

One netizen pointed out that Kris had just brought all her issues back to life. Kris then replied to the netizen, @carmztiangan77, that she would remain strong. She also added that she had just received four new endorsement contracts.

“@carmztiangan77 never kong “tinago” #truth Don’t be sad for me- i am strong & i just received 4 new endorsement contracts. #inyourface #patolqueen”

Another netizen just called Kris an attention-seeker. The netizen, @carlapower001, pointed out that Kris always had her attention to social media. Of course, Kris would share that social media helps her pay her taxes.

“because social media is what is helping me earn my millions, 35% of which goes towards my taxes. #responsibletaxpayer”

One netizen, @_god.frst.ann_maca_, noted that Kris doesn’ have the right to challenge Mocha. Then, Kris pointed out that Mocha has the right to continue to insult her.

“i have the right- it is part of our democracy. And she has the right to further lambast me. Fair is fair.”

Then, another netizen, @jdms2k87, attached an issue she had faced in the past. Kris also pointed out that trolls should just fry her instead of roasting her.

“by a troll- i am affected #not… sorry, please fry me- we don’t roast in my food outlets.”

One netizen, @kamilafruson, also told Kris not to expect for a public apology. However, Kris just replied with a simple question.

“did i ask for one???”

Then, another netizen, @jdms2k87, sent a link towards Kris asking her to watch Sass Rogando Sasot’s video. The said netizen also stressed that Kris would cry. Kris also responded with a simple need to introduction.

“i’m sorry- i’m not familiar. I need an introduction to him or her?”

One netizen, @sharon_briz, also remarked that Kris should stop playing innocent. They slammed Kris’ parents, Cory and Ninoy Aquino. Kris just asked her to make their negative attacks grammatically correct.

“sweetheart may may i just correct your 1st sentence- it really bothers me to be attacked with wrong grammar: You are using your evil machinations (not mechanism) with (not to) Bong Go to silence (not silence)Mocha, right? There you ho. Now be proper and thank me for correcting your deficiencies.”


Written by Angela Baltan

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