GMA Network executive calls out Esquire’s article on “Victor Magtanggol” due to lack of research

  • Annette Gozon Valdes called out an article on Victor Magtanggol.
  • She also noted that Thor already existed in Norse mythology.
  • Then, she added that adaptation of Thor can happen without copyright violations. 

GMA NBetwork executive Annette Gozon Valdes recently called out Esquire Magazine’s article on Victor Magtanggol. The said article also compared Alden Richards’ role to Chris Hemsworth’s Marvel character, Thor.

The said article also seemed a hate remark on GMA Network and Alden himself.

However, Marvel doesn’t own Chris Hemsworth’s role as Thor as the character is originally from the Norse mythology. In the said mythology, Thor remains a hammer-wielding god of thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, in addition to hallowing, and fertility.

In the said Facebook post, Annette also wrote that Esquire Magazine’s article lacks research. She also noted that Thor already existed in Norse mythology. Then, she added that adaptation of Thor can happen without copyright violations.

“Your article lacks research. Even before Thor was a comic book character…he already existed in mythology. Thor is a Norse God…part of Norse mythology. They belong to the public domain. Dont you even wonder why so many movies and shows have been made in the past with Thor in it? Because anybody can make it without violating copyright laws for as long as their factual basis is the original mythology.”

Annette also wished that they should have waited for Victor Magtanggol to launch before they judged it. She noted that Victor Magtanggol has inspirations from Norse mythology itself.

Although Victor Magtanggol does have Thor’s hammer called “Mjolnir.” The story will also detail how Victor Magtanggol would acquire “Mjolnir.”

“Maybe you should have waited for the show to launch so you would understand what the show is about. Yes, the show has allusions to the Norse mythology, but Alden’s character is not Thor. However, the hammer he has IS the hammer of Norse mythology called the Mjolnir. How he is able to get it is part of what will be revealed in the show Victor Magtanggol.”



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