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BY THE NUMBERS: Is Sofia Andres’s comeback in “Bagani” pulling down its ratings?

Three months after her character’s shocking death, starlet Sofia Andres who played Mayari is back in ‘Bagani’.

The controversial Star Magic recruit is again back in the series dispelling persistent rumors of network transfer. Andres did reprise her character Mayari but now in a different light.

Image courtesy by ABS-CBN PR
Image courtesy by ABS-CBN PR

While several controversies pushed her to take a break from doing TV series specifically ‘Bagani’, the same controversies seemed still fresh as her comeback showed lukewarm if not dismal reception.

Looking at the ratings number, Mayari’s return in Bagani didn’t show positive traction.

From Kantar Media‘s July 19-20 numbers, Bagani‘s TV ratings showed downtrend action.

Prior to Mayari’s return, Bagani enjoys ‘s 30% plus ratings although there are some instances of downtrend fluctuations.

Yes, there may be other factors contributing to the decline of Bagani‘s ratings, but one cannot disconnect Andres’s return because of the drastic and continues fall in their numbers.

But to give her any consolation, it was just her first week. Maybe it was just a honeymoon from her short hiatus and that the traction will begin to move to the positive side again as the story reveals her twisted character more.

File Photo – LionhearTV

But still, one cannot be blamed for connecting her return to the dismal ratings of the show considering what she went through that caused her temporary leave of absence from the show.

Hopefully, as the story progresses, Sofia and Mayari will eventually redeem themselves and proved the speculations wrong. We will continue to closely watch over the survey data and check how it will unfold.

But until such time, we will say yes to the question, is Andres’s return causes further erosion of Bagani’s ratings?

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