BY THE NUMBERS: “KMJS” winning over “Rated K” in national TV ratings

Is Korina Sanchez’s Rated K losing viewer interest?

Based on the latest numbers from Kantar Media, GMA Network magazine show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho is gaining traction against Kapamilya rival Rated K.

Looking at its historical data for the last 4 weeks (where survey ratings number are available) KMJS continuously beats Rated K in the national TV ratings.

KMJS showed steady growth (with fluctuations) overtaking Rated K from June 24 to July 22, 2018.

The timeslot which Korina’s Rated K previously lorded in national ratings is now being held by Jessica Soho.

Rated K’s last came out a winner May 6, 2018, when it led KMJS by 2.0% at 22.2% vs 20.2% respectively.

Possible Reasons

KMJS ascent to the top of its timeslot can be attributed to its careful choice of its “menu.” Its timely and relevant topics make it more appealing to the viewers.

KMJS episodes mostly cater to people’s emotions which are very relatable compared to recent Rated K episodes. Its carefully crafted stories which are mostly of human interest and experience attracted more viewers than the usual magazine advertorial type of Rated K.

Although there were also some emotionally charged stories done by Rated K, the formulaic attack to storytelling may have caused viewer fatigue. Plus the fact that KMJS mostly banked on stories found on social media which they made palatable to viewers through rather melodramatic storytelling.

It cannot be denied that KMJS currently rules its Sunday timeslot, but Korina the veteran that she is, can and is always capable of bouncing back.

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