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Charo Santos-Concio gives Advice to Showbiz Hopefuls

  • Charo Santos-Concio has had a checkered career in the entertainment business.  
  • With her sterling track record, she is often sought to give advice to showbiz hopefuls.
  • She stressed that the industry is not all glamour.

Charo Santos-Concio has been in the entertainment business for more than three decades. She climbed up the showbiz ladder from model and actress to production assistant until she became a TV network head. Six years ago, she retired as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Kapamilya network but continues as its chief content officer.

Image courtesy by ABS-CBN PR

Advice to hopefuls

In an exclusive interview with, Charo shared precious advice to showbiz hopefuls. According to her, one requisite to success is to hone one’s talent and possess a strength of character to weather challenges. Showbiz, after all, is not all glamour.

“To begin with they should have the talent, they should work hard in honing the talent and have the strength of character to face all the challenges in the world of entertainment. Hindi madali, this is not all glamour, this is a lot of hard work really.”

Image courtesy by ABS-CBN PR

Charo admits that you have to have a lot of patience in pursuing a career in acting. She also encouraged dreamers to keep trying. Everything is just a matter of timing.

“Parang many are called but few are chosen. Ganun talaga. You just have to keep trying. Sometimes hindi mo oras ngayon but who knows di ba? If you really want it, it’s in your heart and  that’s your passion then never give up. Pero kanya-kanyang panahon yan. May kanya-kanyang timing yan. It’s what you call the X factor. You should have the X factor, yung wala ka pang ginagawa, you’re coming out of the screen na. You know it’s hard to explain. There’s a certain star quality that a person possesses.”

Image courtesy by ABS-CBN PR


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