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“The girl behind a flop TS.” Janine Gutierrez congratulates basher who insults her

  • Janine Gutierrez’s new nickname is “the girl behind a flop TS.”
  • Janine replied to the basher with respect.
  • The actress knows how to handle bashers.  

Janine Gutierrez is busy collecting nicknames.

AlDub fans recently called Janine as “starlet” and “balat” which refers to the actress’ birthmark. Just two days ago, she had another nickname.

In one of Janine’s Instagram posts, a netizen commented labeling her “the girl behind a flop TS” referring to her role as the leading lady of Alden Richards in Victor Magtanggol.

Instead of defending herself, the actress answered with class and respect. She replied, “congratulations po on 34 years of teaching. wish you more power.”

Netizens are proud of how Janine handled the situation with the basher who is said to be a teacher.

The actress already previously stated that she came prepared before entering showbiz.

“I knew what to expect before I entered showbiz because I practically grew up here. I saw what my parents had to deal with back then. Don’t want to hurt, anger or disappoint anyone,” she said.


Written by Irone Kim

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