A Mysterious woman appears on Cesar Montano’s viral video greeting

  • This is a rare video greeting from a celebrity and a former public servant.
  • Apparently, Netizens who have viewed the full video also spotted something in the background.
  • The original video was viewed for more than 1 million times after 10 hours.

This afternoon while browsing via facebook, a video on Cesar Montano who was greeting a councilor whom he addressed as Kagawad Chris Morales of Sta. Ana Manila caught the author’s attention.

In the video, the controversial actor-politician said, “Happy birthday kagawad Cris Morales of Sta. Ana. More power to you. Don’t forget na merong Cesar Montanong nagsusupport sa iyo, si Buboy. Love you men. Happy birthday. God bless.”

It was Rolando Olano who originally uploaded the video, which went viral after 10 hours of posting. It got more than 5,000 comments and 13,000 shares.

Though the video greeting was just like any other celebrity greeting intended for fans or friends; it went viral because of a ghostly image that walked in the background of Montano. While playing it back a couple of times–surprisingly, there was someone with him.

During the second playback, a mysterious naked woman appeared from a room as if picking up something from a table without minding what the former head for the country’s tourism board was doing with his phone camera.

Though unclear, the mysterious woman seemed to be in her birthday suit while Montano started to capture the video.

It is still unsure if the video was deleted or Facebook took it down but the resigned public official appointee has yet to react on the video that went viral.

Netizens react

““Happy Birthday kagawad Cris Morales of Sta. Ana more power to you.” – Cesar Montano, 2018”

“Cesar Montano greets Kagawad Cris Morales with a naked girl, fresh from the shower, in the background. #EpicBdayGreeting”

“This Cesar Montano video with a naked woman circulating online is just so 🤣🙈🙊”




“From 1 to Cesar Montano, gaano ka kalibog?”




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