TELLTALE SIGNS: Cristine Reyes drops Ali Khatibi’s last name on Instagram

  • Cristine Reyes dropped her husband’s last name on Instagram.
  • She unfollowed her husband, Ali Khatibi on the said social media site.
  • Cristine has yet to announce whether or not she and Ali had broken up.

Cristine Reyes dropped her husband Ali Khatibi’s last name on Instagram. This fanned even more the break-up rumors between her and Ali Khatibi.

She also hasn’t posted any photos of her and Ali for sometime now.

New username.

Cristine used to have @mrscristinekhatibi as her username which she recently changed into @cristinereyesss. She dropped the last name of her husband on Instagram who is also not a part of her “following list.”


Cristine and Ali have a daughter, Amarah. The couple also got married in January 27, 2016 in Balesin Island in Polillo Quezon.

It was easy to notice that she un-followed him since she’s only following 26 accounts.


In May, Cristine attended the 49th Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation Box Office Entertainment Awards. She went to the awards ceremony to receive her recognition as the Movie Supporting Actress of the year for the movie, Seven Sundays.

Cristine seemed uncomfortable when reporters walked up to her.

“Ambush? Ayaw ko sanang magpa-interview.”

However, Cristine still answered questions about her recognition as an actress. When ABS-CBN News reporter MJ Felipe asked about her marriage to Ali Khatibi. Cristine dodged the question and walked away.

“Haha, ‘maya na lang.”

Cristine has yet to talk about the real score between her and Ali.



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