Catriona Gray takes on the universe

  • Catriona Gray takes on the universe
  • All the world is in her hands, with that fearless first step Gray took when she pursued the crown

Conquering fear is a decision she makes, every — single — day. Something anyone can relate to, which is why Olay came up with a campaign, with beauty queen Catriona Gray, that encourages people to make that first step in facing their fears as they pursue their passions with more confidence.

“Is there ever not fear? Fear and doubt just mean that you care about what you’re doing. I was doubtful of my talent and my abilities, I was fearful of what other people would think. How would I measure up, I always ask myself that question.”

It is hard to imagine that those words, confessing vulnerability and self-doubt, are spoken by the beautiful Catriona Gray who did her country proud with her Miss Universe win. Many would think that she who appeared before thousands of people and fiercely competed for beauty titles has nerves of steel. But Catriona never pretends to be without fear.

The newly crowned Miss Universe 2018, Catriona is now taking the fearless first step to the roles and responsibilities that come with her new title, but before that she had to overcome hurdles of doubt. Catriona admits it was her supporters that gave her the courage to pursue the crown.

“I kept asking myself, why are they so persistent? Why do they believe in me so much?” she recalls. “Then I asked myself, if I wasn’t scared, what would I do? I couldn’t let fear define my life. After that realization, I bit the bullet.”

It wasn’t until the last five years that Catriona witnessed the potential platform pageants can give to an individual like her to voice her passions and what she cares about. From something she paid little attention to, she has realized how beauty pageants can present an opportunity for someone to step up and advocate for causes close to her heart.

But there is more to beauty titles than just beauty or the title. “Our industry is saturated with physical beauty, so I know being beautiful wouldn’t be enough to achieve my dreams. I knew my grit, personality, and passion would get me there; that’s how I measured my worth and potential.”

Chasing one’s dreams doesn’t end with taking the brave first step; it’s an uphill journey that requires dedication and the underrated quality of believing in oneself.

“There are so many people who will project their fears onto you or tell you what you’re capable of. They will try to define you. In overcoming my fears and working through all of the naysayers, I learned that only I have the power to define myself and what I’m capable of. Once I work past the fear within myself and from the outside, other people don’t faze me any longer,” reveals Catriona.

With a beauty that radiates from the inside out, the 24-year-old Catriona Gray shined flawlessly and triumphed amidst doubts and criticism.  Enabled by her passionate and self-confident attitude, and empowered by Olay that gives her radiance and beauty, Catriona Gray remains fearless every step of the way on her journey to winning the crown.

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