KyRu Reunion: Kylie Padilla and Ruru Madrid, set to work in “TODA One I Love”

  • Kylie Padilla and Ruru Madrid will soon star in TODA One I Love.
  • Fans missed the KyRu tandem, clamored for more projects for the pair. 
  • The tandem started in Encantadia and were reunited in The Cure.

Kylie Padilla and Ruru Madrid made viewers swoon when they starred in the re-equel of Encantadia in 2016. They will both star in a political romantic-comedy series, TODA One I Love.

This will air in the first quarter of 2019 under GMA News and Public Affairs‘ production.

KyRu in TODA One I Love.

TODA One I Love features love, comedy and family values that viewers can learn. The pair was looked up due to their undeniable on-screen chemistry. They remain true partners in crime and friends in real life.

KyRu tandem is back.

The public had a positive reaction to their KyRu tandem. Fans had missed the duo’s dynamic as Amihan and Ybrahim in Encantadia. In the said fantaserye, the production killed off Amihan due to Kylie’s unexpected pregnancy on her firstborn named Alas, her son to Aljur Abrenica.

When Kylie got pregnant, any projects that they could do were postponed.

After Alas became a year-old, Kylie made a showbiz comeback through the epidemic series, The Cure. Meanwhile, Ruru just finished Sherlock Jr. This, then, birthed a KyRu comeback in The Cure where Kylie played Adira and Ruru portrayed Xavier or X.



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