Maine Mendoza leads Twitter’s Most Tweeted about Filipino celebrities in 2018

  • Maine Mendoza leads Twitter’s Most Tweeted about Filipino celebrities in 2018
  • This 2018, entertainment remained to be the biggest conversation driver among Pinoy users

Whatever happens, it happens on Twitter. Last year, Philippines’ Twitter timeline was ruled by the entertainment industry. As 2018 bids farewell, Filipinos have proven that Twitter is the go-to platform to track #WhatsHappening in the Pinoy entertainment scene, as it dominated the conversation this year once again.

This 2018, entertainment remained to be the biggest conversation driver among Pinoy users. It was a year top billed by local and international talents from #BTS and #EXO to #MaineMendoza and #Mayward. Not only did Filipino teleseryes like #Bagani and movies like #TheHowsOfUs rock the screens, it also ruled the Twitterverse as fandoms all over the country raved about their idols on the platform.

Here are Twitter’s lists of the accounts that reigned on the platform in 2018:

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Filipinos love to stay informed as much as they love to talk about their favorites and latest gossips. No wonder why the Filipino favorite, Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) clinched the highest place once again in the most Tweeted about Filipino account. For Maymay Entrata (@maymayentrata07), 2018 can be her banner year as she placed second in the list, cementing her status as one of the hottest personalities on Twitter.


1. Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) — As one half of the lauded loveteam #AlDub, Maine Mendoza continues to dominate Twitter as the Most Tweeted About account. Her fans use Twitter to Tweet their favorite pictures and TV appearances of the beloved celebrity. Maine Mendoza uses the platform to connect with her fans real-time and to share personal snapshots of her daily life.

2. Maymay Entrata (@maymayentrata07) — Maymay Entrata has made her mark on Twitter by using the platform to Tweet the most memorable #MayWard moments  and to thank her fans for being so dedicated. The fans, in return, pay back the love by Tweeting their favorite pictures and videos of MayMay and her loveteam partner Edward Barber (@Barber_Edward). Her fans even gushed over her modeling career as she struts down runway at the latest Arab Fashion Week.

3. Kisses Delavin (@KissesDelavin__) — Kisses Delavin, another celebrity well-loved by the Filipinos, shows her quirky personality on Twitter by Tweeting her favorite reaction gifs and Tweets her fans can relate to. She uses Twitter to drive conversation among her fans.

4. Alden Richards (@aldenrichards02) — Alden Richards uses Twitter to connect with his fans about his show Victor Magtanggol, his daily life, and personal life lessons he deems valuable. Fans love his genuine spirit on the platform and Tweet him frequently because of it.

5. Edward Barber (@Barber_Edward_) — Edward uses Twitter to update his fans about latest television projects and sponsorships. He uses Twitter to be a source of inspiration for his fans, Tweeting his favorite quotes with accompanying images. Filipinos love relating on anything and everything — especially if it’s about their favorite celebrity.  

6. Donny Pangilinan (@donnypangilinan) — Donny makes fans happy by constantly replying, quoting, and Retweeting Tweets that express the fans’ dedication to their favorite celebrity, particularly with Donny.

7. Loisa Andalio (@iamAndalioLoisa) — Loisa’s fans love to follow her on Twitter for her pictures and her latest updates on acting projects like #MMKBuhaySementeryo. Fans love Tweeting on their reactions to her latest TV roles and of her admirable performances.

8. Kathryn Bernardo (@bernardokath) — Kathryn Bernardo is adored by Filipino fans on Twitter because of her update Tweets about her life, her travels, collaborations, and her pictures with love team Daniel Padilla (@iamdanielpadilla). Kathryn is lauded on Twitter for her constant presence — letting fans know that she recognizes their support and is ready to share her life with them.

9. Maris Racal (@MissMarisRacal) — Actress Maris Racal keeps fans engaged by posting videos of herself singing. Her fans love to witness her personality and talent on Twitter by liking and Retweeting almost all of her Tweets. From her random musings to more personal Tweets about being a woman, Maris is sure to be a recognized presence on the platform.

10. Daniel Padilla (@imdanielpadilla) — The “Teen King” made a solid fanbase on Twitter who he keeps updated with, on his latest happenings, upcoming movies,TV shows and latest updates on the KathNiel love team.

Whatever happened, in every corner of the world, and on any topic imaginable, it happened on Twitter. Share your biggest stories, memories and conversations of 2018 today #ThisHappened.


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