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Netizens mock Maggie Wilson on Catriona Gray’s Miss Universe 2018 win

  • Catriona Gray is the new Miss Universe.
  • She was body-shamed by Maggie Wilson and Bea Rose Santiago during the grand coronation of Bb. Pilipinas.
  • Pageant fans are now mocking Maggie and Bea for what they did.

Catriona Gray was crowned Miss Universe 2018 on Monday, December 17. In March, Maggie Wilson and Bea Rose Santiago received backlash after body-shaming Catriona during the Bb. Pilipinas Grand Coronation where she won the Swimsuit category.

Pageant fans are recently mocking Maggie and Bea for not believing in Catriona.

Catriona’s fans mocked Maggie and Bea.

Wilson posted a photo of her on Instagram, hoping to go to another adventure.

“Congratulations Miss Universe 2018 @catriona_gray… What can you say miss @wilsonmaggie???”

Maggie answered and revealed that she actually already congratulated her.

“well deserved! I’ve congratulated her already.”

Netizens, then, started to reply, recalling the issue in March.

“naalala ko lang noon.”

“Yes true she really deserved it coz she only not have beautiful face, but a beautiful heart as well, That’s why she won coz she is intelligent, beautiful inside and out. She bring pride to all the filipino people. That’s why so proud to Miss Universe 2018.”

“Agree!!! Never thought Maggie was acting like that. Lalo na si @bea.santiago. Ang itim pala ng mga ugali. Tsk2”

“hahaha! Kinain nila mga pinagsasabi nila @marieldeleonofficial @bea.santiago @wilsonmaggie MGA TUPPERWARE AT OROCAN KAYO. pa fc na ngayon kay Miss Universe 2018?”

Bea guessed Maggie’s new destination.

“Canada hahaha”

“ang lamigggggggg! Just landed in DC!”

Netizens, then, pulled her in their query.

“Congratulations @catriona_gray Our New Miss Universe 2018… What can you say @bea.santiago @wilsonmaggie???”

“Congratuations Miss Universe 2018 @catriona_gray for bringing the crown back in the philippines, you deserved it coz you have a golden heart. So proud of Miss Universe 2018”

“Soo??? Ano na Bea??? Wag kasi puro kayabangan!!! Hahahah! Asus bka ikaw din bka d mo kayanin ma Miss Universe. Pweehhhh!!!”

Maggie spoke up once and for all.

Wilson wrote a lengthy post on Instagram. She refused to be degraded by the mistakes she had done in the past. She learned to be more sensitive toward people.

“Havana, Cuba – July 2018
On my last night in this city, I found myself crying at the dinner table. I wasn’t sure at first why I was so emotional but then as the sun set I realised just how lucky I am. Today, I kept changing my settings here on IG because of the immense backlash I’ve been getting over something I said 9 months ago.”

“I have made mistakes but have learnt and made peace with them and I refuse to be vilified by them. Your mistakes aren’t what defines you but it is how you behave and learn from them after you’ve committed one. The one thing constant in life is change, I find comfort in that. I’ve learnt and have chosen to be more understanding of the world around me. To be more sensitive towards people and my surroundings.”

With that said, I’ve switched my comments back on but I will no longer tolerate negativity and hate on any of my social media pages. There is enough of it going around already. If any of you decide to continue with the anger, mockery and negativity then you are no better. I truly wish you find happiness and peace. And just in case no one has told YOU yet, YOU are blessed, loved, appreciated and yes, YOU matter. ❤️ 📸: @victorconsunji”


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