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Hyprocisy at its finest! Bimby Aquino’s memes gain traction

  • Memes of Bimby and Kris Aquino went viral
  • What are the intentions of those behind these memes?

Some netizens call the attention of the people behind it to stop these posts, highlighting the ‘don’t support cyber bullying’ campaign.

A compilation of memes about Kris Aquino and her two sons, Josh and Bimby, went viral these past few days. Out of nowhere, the memes that circulated was attacking the innocent Bimby. Obviously, the intent was to insult and/or bully the kid.

compilation of kris and bimby memes HAHA

Posted by Maureen Maurang on Saturday, January 26, 2019

Some of the netizens were wondering why such memes were made and what was the agenda of the people behind it. Clearly, the intention was to offend Kris’ immediate family or perhaps the said act has been triggered by the recent feud between Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis.

A lot of people were not happy about the audio recording that circulated a few weeks back. But what’s disturbing is dragging the innocent boy to a mess that he doesn’t fully understand.

On social media, a lot of netizens also expressed how they felt about the memes that directly attacked Bimby.

“and now, we are goofing around with suicide and depression 🙅 call me normie or whatever, but this is getting out of hand. I’m trying to rationalize if the memes for Bimby is actually to propagate the faults of Aquino’s. Idk.

But to make fun with the kid? Boi, he’s just a child.”

“I am so over facebook bullying. It is ironic that people bash those high school students who physically harassed a teenage girl, yet continuously share ‘memes’ about Bimby. Funny how some people are against bullying; little do they know they are doing it rampantly too for fame.”

“So Bimby’s memes have spread on my FB feed. Y’all guys were once angry when Joaquin Montes bullied his classmate. See the difference? None. They were attacked defenselessly. Most of the Filipinos have this same attitude: hypocrisy!”


“yall h8 the bully ateneo kid but then go on to share memes that ridicule bimby and josh haha hope you choke on your saliva”

“it’s funny how some people claim that they’re against bullying but they keep on sharing bimby and kris aquino’s “memes” that’s not even funny 🙂 wow hyprocisy at its finest”

“i hate bimby memes.

it’s a cyber crime.

even though it is funny for others,

the people who is being memed

are not laughing at the memes that you’ve made.

think of their situation.”


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