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Fellow journalists, celebrities throw support after the arrest of Rappler’s media head

  • NBI arrested journalist and Rappler CEO Maria Ressa.
  • Maria Ressa was charged with cyber-libel.
  • Several journalists posted #DependePressFreedom in support of Maria Ressa.

Several journalists took to social media to show support to their embattled colleague Maria Ressa.

On Wednesday, February 13, journalist and Rappler CEO Ressa was arrested by the agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) after serving the warrant of arrest for the charge of cyber-libel. Her warrant of arrest was served at the Rappler headquarters in Pasig City.

Moments after, several journalists took to social media particularly on twitter to denounce yet another attack on media and press freedom. Colleagues from different media companies showed support for Ms. Ressa using the hashtag #DefendPressFreedom.

ABS-CBN broadcast journalist Karen Davila was one of the first to call out the arrest saying it underscores the country’s press freedom and it was a clear harassment of the media.

She also questioned the grounds of the case saying the charge was based on an article published months before the cybercrime law was passed.

Aside from Davila, GMA journalist Sandra Aguinaldo also threw her support for Rappler’s media head.

Aguinaldo tweeted encouraging words for Ressa saying she should chin up because it will all pass.

Another Kapuso journalist who tweeted his sentiment was Raffy Tima.

Tima on his tweet questioned if martial law was already expanded from Mindanao to the whole country because of NBI agent’s threats to Rappler staff.

PTV anchor Jules Guiang also questioned the arrest saying can the law be implemented retroactively.

Aside from journalists, several celebrities have also shared their disgust over what happened to Maria.

Known Duterte critic Agot Isidro said the current government will go down the history as the worst.

Another known Duterte critic Leah Navarro also tweeted #DefendPressFreedom and stood by Maria Ressa.

Bianca Gonzalez also shared her insight lamenting how sad the situation of the country is.

Maria Ressa’s arrest came off the heels of government’s numerous attacks on the online media company. After revoking its license for allegedly violating constitutional provision on foreign ownership, Ressa was also slapped with tax evasion case which she was currently on bail.

Her latest arrest was in connection with the Department of Justice‘s indictment of the cyber-libel case file by businessman Wilfredo Keng regarding a Rappler article in 2012 titled “CJ using SUVs of controversial businessman” during the impeachment trial of the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Here are other tweets from journalists and public figures showing support for Ressa.


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