Take a behind-the-scenes look at the facilites that produce Modern MG Vehicles

  • MG (Morris Garages), now under China’s largest vehicle manufacturer and exporter SAIC Motor, is produced with nothing less than the most advanced systems and facilities.
  • The Philippines is a new and promising market for MG; the technological capabilities of SAIC Motor, without a doubt, inspire confidence among Filipino car buyers when considering MG as their next purchase.

MG is the embodiment of a truly global brand. It is financially and technically backed by SAIC Motor, a top-ranked Fortune 500 company which also happens to be China’s largest auto manufacturer and exporter, which has advanced leaps and bounds in the last decade. A closer look at the impressive research and manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China, are proof of this.

Laser-guided robotics at the SAIC Motor Lingang Plant

SAIC Motor Lingang Plant
SAIC Motor’s Lingang facility is replete with cutting-edge systems that ensure every MG that rolls off the assembly line is made with the highest quality. The 1.2 million-square meter plant is located in the Lingang Industrial Zone, and is capable of producing an astounding 880 units per day. The Lingang facility utilizes laser-guided robotics to ensure the precise assembly of each vehicle, while production continues in motion without unnecessary stoppage. In total, SAIC Motor sold 7.05 million vehicles in 2018.

Entrance of the SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Company

SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Company (SMPV)
Since the foundation of SMPV, dozens of products (new energy vehicles included) have been launched, covering upper-medium vehicles, compact cars, and SUVs. A comprehensive product portfolio has taken shape, which proudly includes MG. This is synchronized with global trends of automotive technology development and covers every segment of the mainstream passenger vehicle market. SMPV’s annual sales volume in 2018 exceeded 700,000 units, overtaking 520,000 units in 2017.

Currently the SMPV Shanghai technical center utilizes a variety of facilities including a design building, thermal energy emission lab, architecture lab, NVH testing lab, thermal wind tunnel lab, powertrain lab, new energy lab, chassis lab, safety lab, electronic & electrical lab, and pilot build workshop. It is a world-class passenger vehicle technical center as well as the largest and fully equipped one in China.

The latest concept cars and new energy vehicles (NEVs) at the SAIC Intelligent Plaza

SAIC Intelligent Plaza
Located at No. 347, Madang Road, Huangpu District, the aesthetically pleasing architecture of the SAIC Intelligent Plaza showcases SAIC Motor’s most cutting edge technologies. It has the only auto-driving experience area open to the public, as well as a VR scenario test drive, intelligent robot service, and other intelligent experience projects, making it a go-to place in Xintiandi. In addition, the SAIC Intelligent Square highlights SAIC’s latest research and development achievements in the fields of new energy technology, Internet technology, and intelligent driving.
MG in The Philippines
With the knowledge that MG is now backed by SAIC Motor— the largest auto company on China’s A-share market—and all its resources, the Filipino car buying market is understanding that modern MGs are made with the highest levels of excellence. And now in The Philippines under The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI) and the consolidated expertise of its leaders, MG Philippines is backed by over 25 years of automotive brand building experience, and is driven to establish its position in the local market. With TCCCI, a very comprehensive brand introduction and awareness strategy is set in place for MG Philippines to occupy a spot among the leading car manufacturers in the country.
Filipino MG owners will also have access to innovative aftersales services. A string of
independent, MG Philippines-accredited service outlets will be made easily accessible for MG owners, while a “Mobile Garage” service caravan offers regular preventive maintenance servicing in the convenience of your garage. MG Philippines is also implementing a host of other service platforms including “1-Hour Max and Go,” which refers to a speedy, one-hour basic maintenance service procedure; a 24/7 customer care hotline; “MG HERO Services,” which offers 24/7 roadside assistance; and “Mobile Gadget,” which allows users to pair their MG to a proprietary smartphone app so that they can closely monitor their car’s running stats, and allow them to schedule a service appointment online from the convenience of their phone. All of that, and every brand new MG car will come with a 5 year or 100,000 km warranty.

MG Philippines enters the local market with three (3) exciting new passenger vehicles that are sure to pique the interests of the Filipino motoring public. These are the MG RX5 compact SUV, the MG6 fastback sedan, and the MG ZS crossover SUV:

2019 MG ZS (1) RESIZED

MG Philippines is heralding a new standard in automobiles and is steadfast in its goal of
providing Filipinos with modern, stylish, attainable vehicles that are backed by a rich motoring heritage.
For more information on MG Philippines, visit www.mgmotor.com.ph, and follow MG
Philippines on Facebook/OfficialMGPhilippines and Instagram (@mg_philippines) for an
updated schedule of events. You may also call (02) 328 4664 to speak with an authorized MG Philippines representative who can address any questions or concerns. Check out MG Philippines’ latest promos at https://www.mgmotor.com.ph/promos.



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