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TV REVIEW: More than the loveteam, ‘Toda One I Love’ gives us a taste of how politicians are trying to sell themselves in public

  • ‘Toda One I Love’: A viewer’s perspective
  • Kylie Padilla, Ruru Madrid mixes love and politics in ‘TODA One I Love’
  • GMA Network’s timely political rom-com series ‘TODA One I Love’ makes world premiere

‘TODA One I Love’ features one of the most sought after loveteams of GMA Network, Kylie Padilla and Ruru Madrid, or Kyru as how fans call them, who also starred in ‘Encantadia’ with undeniable chemistry.

Their comeback teleserye, however, isn’t as good as the latter and so with their on-screen romance.

Here’s the main problem of ‘TODA One I Love’ — It tries so hard to be a romantic comedy serye with a little spice of political interest but couldn’t get all the stuff together to give the viewers an incredible show.

It may be good to take the risk and experiment to give viewers a new and refreshing concept of a political romcom teleserye as what this show claims to be, but as for my own humble opinion, ‘TODA One I Love’s’ concept has a similar plot to ABS-CBN’s ‘TODA Max;’ a situational comedy series which starred Robin Padilla and Angel Locsin in the year 2011.

Though ‘TODA Max’ had an opposite setting to ‘TODA One I Love,’ both shows highlight the life of a typical (tricycle driving) family that faces life’s hardships and trials, together with the enthusiasm and lessons learned as they face each day with faith.

The studio may also want to reconsider the amount of creative effort they are exerting towards this show. ‘TODA One I Love’s’ fight or actions scenes does not even come close to ‘TODA Max’s’ action scenes that came naturally for Robin Padilla.

All I can see are overly dramatic scenes with slow motion effects that is not needed for the drama.

The show failed to give me that emotional connection when dramatic scenes are portrayed, it makes me want the cast to showcase their acting skills even more and to make the viewers feel how it is like to lose a tricycle, or to lose in a barangay competition, or the feeling of losing a house for a debt they could not afford to pay.

Let us just appreciate the show for highlighting a kind of family that faces each struggle with prayers and positivity – the kind of family Filipinos should look up to.

Just like what Dimagiba said, “Sa hirap o sa ginhawa, yakang yaka!”

On the lighter side, ‘TODA One I love’ has this political attachment which we cannot help but notice. More than the loveteam, this show gives us a taste of how politicians are trying to sell themselves in public by luring people into promises they could not even keep.

Rooting for this show may spark the attention of its pool of viewers in choosing their candidates wisely, now that elections are coming close. That is, if they want to see their own country grow and prosper.


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