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JK Labajo sarcastically rebukes death threat received from a netizen

  • JK Labajo again shared an incident of receiving a death threat from a netizen and took it as a joke
  • He concluded that the netizen is someone’s else’s fan, and he is sure that his followers already know who he is referring to
  • JK took the netizens by storm as he shared a screencap in his Instagram stories about an alleged death threat that he received

The young singer JK Labajo has been getting the attention of netizens, after controversies that he has been involved in. His recent issue was during the Rakrakan 2019 music fest, when a fan shouted “I love you, Darren” during his performance, that triggered him to curse in front of the audience. It became more controversial when it was known that Darren’s mom accordingly filed a cyber libel case against him, pushing him to fume more in anger.

In a recent update, JK was again involved in a controversy after getting a death threat from a netizen. In his Instagram stories, he shared a screenshot of the message where a netizen was cursing him and even threatening to bomb one of his gigs.

It stated, “Papatayin kita humanda ka sa gig mo, papasabuhin ko yun wala akong pake sa dami nang mamatay, mapatay lang kita.”

JK, on the other hand, sarcastically took this as a joke and was seemingly not bothered by the threat when he said, “Beshie huli ka na. Palagi kaming may pasabog sa mga gigs namin di ka namin need. Luv u 2 thnx bye.😘”

Receiving this, JK added the assumption that the fan obviously belongs to someone who he has a rivalry with. Though he did not mention any names, he was certain that his followers already know who the person he is referring to. He also stated that the fan was ‘Uto-uto’ to admire someone like that.

“Basta ganyan ang ugali, alam niyo na kung kaninong fan yun. Pag may mangyari sakin kilala niyo na kung sino paghihinalaan niyo. #WalangMakakataloSaWapakRangers #BatoBatoSaImpyernoMatamaanGago”

” Uto-Utong fan!”

JK, in the end, left a message to his fans extending his love and gratitude as he gave them his assurance that he does acknowledge the messages that were being sent to him.

“Yung sa mga nagmamahal sakin, kilala ko kayo. binabasa ko mga messages niyo kaso lang di ko mareplyan lahat. basta. maraming salamat. mahal ko rin kayo. andito lang ako sa dilim nagmamatayag. nakatingin.”


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