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Maine Mendoza apologizes to fans for being linked with Arjo Atayde

  • Maine apologized to her fans and most specially to the AlDub fans for her decision: ”I am sorry if I am hurting you with my truth. I am sorry if the truth is too much to bear.”
  • Maine Mendoza has finally spokem out about the real status between her and actor Arjo Atayde in her new blog entry posted last Sunday
  • She wrote, “It’s true, I am dating Arjo.”

The ‘exclusively dating’ status of actors Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza has made the entertainment world abuzz after receiving numerous reactions from the netizens, but what made the revelation an issue is when some of the AlDub fans who were rooting for the loveteam of Maine and Alden, started attacking their current relationship, giving out negative judgment on Arjo Atayde, which affected not only themselves but also their families.

Finally, the phenomenal star addressed this issue by giving a statement on her blog last Saturday night, the eve of her birthday. Unfortunately, her post had been inaccessible but her fans were able to take a screenshot of it. In her blog, she confirmed that she is dating Arjo.

She also expressed her sincerest apology to her fans if she had hurt them and hopes that they would understand her happiness.

“Again, without waiting any longer, here’s the statement and confirmation you have been waiting for: It’s true, I am dating Arjo.”

“I am sorry if I am hurting you with my truth. I am sorry if the truth is too much to bear.”

“I know how you feel, believe me. I know you invested so much time, effort, and money on us just to show how much you love us and we really do try our best to make you feel that everything you did/do for us is much appreciated and treasured – that we love you dearly and all of you are special to our hearts, too..”

Maine also admitted that she is aware of her fans sentiments as she has been reading their posts and she does understand their judgments because of the toxic love team culture we have in the Philippines.

“(As if newsworthy) I know, I have been reading tweets from my supporters and I am well aware that majority of them are not in favor of him – of anyone, actually…. And I understand the sentiments of some because of the ‘loveteam culture’ here in the Philippines.”

She ended the post by saying: “Life is short! Let us not waste it by worrying and stressing over things we have no control over. Let us all be happy!”

Maine opening up about her relationship serves as a reality check for supposed fans and bashers to take it easy and really think about what they’re doing.


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