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ABS-CBN’s afternoon and primetime line-up wins by miles over GMA Network

  • ABS-CBN is conquering the television ratings against its rival based on the recent NUTAM results
  • Despite the new shows of GMA Network, its rival shows are still winning in the TV ratings
  • ABS-CBN vs GMA Network gathered results for April 08, 09 and 10

The ABS-CBN afternoon and primetime shows wins with a big gap against its rival network’s shows on all time slots.

According to the trusted media measurement of GMA Network,the AGB Nielsen NUTAM People Ratings, it showed conquering results from ABS-CBN.

On April 08, Both afternoon and primetime shows of ABS-CBN triumph in the results gathered. The newest drama series ‘Nang Ngumiti and Langit’ earned a total of 7.0 percent audience views, making it 1.8 percent higher than its rival ‘Hiram Na Anak,’ which gained a total of 5.2 percent. The variety show Its Showtime’ earned a total of 6.5 percent against its two rival shows ‘Eat Bulaga’ and ‘Dragon Lady,’  which gained totals of 6.0 and 5.9 percent.

The most talked about drama series ‘Kadenang Ginto’ earned a total of 9.9 percent, having at least a 4.1 percent score difference against its rival ‘Bihag,’ which only gained a total of 5.8 percent. Also, though ‘Inagaw na Bituin’ changed its timeslot, it still did not win against its new rival for it only gained 5.5 percent compared to ‘Los Bastardos’ which earned 7.9 percent views.

In its primetime line-up, ‘Ang Probinsyano’ still conquered with a total of 15.8 percent, having at least 5.0 percent score difference against ‘Kara Mia,’ which only gained 10.8 percent. ‘The General Daughters’ beat its rival after it earned a total of 15.6 percent against ‘Sahaya,’ which only gained 11.0 percent.

The extended ‘Halik’ also wins with a total of 9.8 percent compared to ‘TODA One I Love,’ which gained a total of 9.7 percent.

AGB Nielsen NUTAM (April 8, 2019):

Hiram Na Anak: 5.2% vs Nang Ngumiti ang Langit: 7.0%
Eat Bulaga: 6.0% / Dragon Lady: 5.9% vs. Its Showtime: 6.5%
Bihag: 5.8% vs. Kadenang Ginto:9.9%
Inagaw na Bituin: 5.5% vs. Los Bastardos: 7.9%

Kara Mia: 10.8% vs. Ang Probinsyano: 15.8%
Sahaya: 11.0% vs. The General Daughters: 15.6%
TODA One I Love: 9.7% vs. Halik: 9.8%

On April 09, yet again, ABS-CBN almost won all its shows. Nang Ngumiti ang Langit earned a total of 8.0 percent having 2.8 percent higher score than Hiram na Anak, which only gained a total of 5.2 percent.  Its Showtime earned a total of 6.2 percent against its rivals Eat Bulaga, which only gained 5.9 percent and Dragon Lady only gained 6.1 percent.

Kadenang Ginto earned at least 4.6 percent higher score with a total of 10.5 percent against Bihag, which only gained 5.9 percent. Same with Los Bastardos, which earned 7.5 percent, having 2.2 percent higher score than Inagaw na Bituin, after it gained a total of 5.3 percent.

In the primetime line-up, Halik lost with a 0.1 percent gap against TODA One I Love as it gained 9.6 percent total views. While Ang Probinsyano and The General Daughters wins with 14.5 and 15.0 percent respectively against its rivals Kara Mia, which gained 10.6 percent, and Sahaya with 11.5 percent.

AGB Nielsen NUTAM (April 9, 2019):

Hiram Na Anak: 5.2% vs Nang Ngumiti ang Langit: 8.0%
Eat Bulaga: 5.9% / Dragon Lady: 6.1% vs. Its Showtime: 6.2%
Bihag: 5.9% vs. Kadenang Ginto:10.5%
Inagaw na Bituin: 5.3% vs. Los Bastardos: 7.5%

Kara Mia: 10.6% vs. Ang Probinsyano: 14.5%
Sahaya: 11.5% vs. The General Daughters: 15.0%
TODA One I Love: 9.6% vs. Halik: 9.5%

On April 10, again, all of ABS-CBN’s show conquered GMA Networks shows. Nang Ngumiti ang Langit earned a total of 8.6 percent views against Hiram Na Anak, which gained 3.1 percent lower score for having a total of 5.5 percent. It’s Showtime earned a total of 6.8 percent against Eat Bulaga, after it gained 5.2 percent and Dragon Lady gained only 6.4 percent.

Kadenang Ginto earned a 4.7 higher score as it had a total of 10.4 percent compared to Bihag, which gained a total of 5.7 percent. Los Bastardos also is a winner when it earned a total of 8.0 percent against Inagaw na Bituin, which only gained 5.6 percent, thus having a score difference of 2.4 percent.

In its primetime bloc, Ang Probinsyano earned 4.3% higher for having a total of 14.7 percent against Kara Mia, which only gained 10.4 percent.

The General Daughters wins with a 3.7 percent higher score against Sahaya, which only has 11.2 percent total views. Also, the near-ending series Halik wins with a 0.2 percent higher score for having a total of 10.4 percent against TODA One I Love that only gained 10.2 percent views.

AGB Nielsen NUTAM (April 10, 2019):

Hiram Na Anak: 5.5% vs Nang Ngumiti ang Langit: 8.6%
Eat Bulaga: 5.2% / Dragon Lady: 6.4% vs. Its Showtime: 6.8%
Bihag: 5.7% vs. Kadenang Ginto:10.4%
Inagaw na Bituin: 5.6% vs. Los Bastardos: 8.0%

Kara Mia: 10.4% vs. Ang Probinsyano: 14.7%
Sahaya: 11.2% vs. The General Daughters: 14.9%
TODA One I Love: 10.2% vs. Halik: 10.4%


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