NUTAM: ABS-CBN sweeps all time slot ratings against GMA Network

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  • ABS-CBN is the run-away winner in the recent TV rating results based on NUTAM
  • Not a single show from the GMA Network did not get through the ABS-CBN’s shows
  • Both afternoon and primetime shows of ABS-CBN conquered the TV ratings

All of ABS-CBN’s shows swept away the ratings over its rival GMA Network on all time slots as it dominated in the recent NUTAM People Ratings results.

On April 11, both of its afternoon and primetime bloc conquered the TV ratings.

In the afternoon timeslot, the newly released drama series ‘Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit’ earned a total of 8.4 percent views, getting at least 2.8 percent higher score against ‘Hiram Na Anak,’ which only gained a total of 5.6 percent.

The variety show ‘It’s Showtime’ also won after it earned a total of 9.0 percent compared to ‘Eat Bulaga’ and ‘Dragon Lady,’ which only gained a total of 6.2 and 5.9 percent respectively. Lastly, the Precious Hearts Romances series ‘Los Bastardos’ earned the attention of most viewers after it gained a total of 8.9 percent against ‘Inagaw Na Bituin,’ which only gained 5.4 percent, having at least a 3.5 percent score difference.

In the primetime lineup, the longest-running series ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ still beats its rival with a 4.6 percent higher score, after it earned a total of 16. 0 percent views compared to ‘Kara Mia,’ which only gained a total of 11.4 percent. Next, the family drama ‘The General’s Daughter’ got 4.2 percent higher than ‘Sahaya,’ after it gained a total of 16.3 percent compared to its rival, which only gained 12.1 percent.

With a tight score gap ‘Halik’ managed to win over its rival after it gained a total of 11.3 percent against ‘TODA One I Love,’ which only gained 10.2 percent.

This straight win is a good sign that the ABS-CBN shows gave more intriguing stories and activities to the audience, making them look forward to the coming episodes.

AGB Nielsen NUTAM People ratings (April 11, 2019)


Hiram Na Anak: 5.6% vs Nang Ngumiti ang Langit: 8.4%

Eat Bulaga: 6.2% / Dragon Lady: 5.9% vs. Its Showtime: 9.0%

Bihag: 5.0% vs. Kadenang Ginto:10.9%

Inigaw na Bituin: 5.4% vs. Los Bastardos: 8.9%


Kara Mia: 11.4% vs. Ang Probinsyano: 16.0%

Sahaya: 12.1% vs. The General Daughters: 16.3%

TODA One I Love: 10.2% vs. Halik: 11.3%



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