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Regine Velasquez-Alcasid reacts on the destruction of Scarborough Shoal

  • Regine Velasquez called the attention of the government about the destruction of coral reefs by China in Scarborough Shoal.
  • Velasquez voiced out her sentiments on Twitter after watching the news on China messing up the sandbank.
  • She expressed how frustrated she is on the governance for letting another country destroy the country’s resources.

The disputed territory of Scarborough Shoal is still on a heating standoff after China took claims of the area even if it was already declared to be part of the Philippine domain. Due to its undying debate, the place and its resources are still being occupied and used by China, causing damages on the sandbank. This news garnered massive sentiments from Filipinos knowing that the issue is becoming more damaging. Even Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez has also expressed her dismay on China’s hurting occupancy.

In a recent report, coral reefs are accordingly damaged due to China’s alleged taking of Giant Clams, which resulted in coral destruction.

Velasquez took her sentiment on Twitter where she replied on ABS-CBN’s news post regarding the damages China made to the coral reefs. In her reply she stated, “Ano po ang nangyayari sa bansa natin why are we letting these people destroy it????!!!!”

This saddening news targeted the movement of the Philippine government, criticizing its view and process regarding such matter. The dispute since started in 2012 and until now; it still has not yet been resolved. China already built structures on the island and occupied the place. From the stay of China, many damages have already been found and the latest was the destruction of coral reefs.

With this many Netizens agree with Regine Velasquez as they, too, expressed their disappointments on how the government is allowing these things to happen.


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