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Clint Bondad shares thoughts about ‘Love You Two’s’ success

  • ‘Love You Two’ is GMA Network’s newest romcom series that premiered on last April 22
  • The series dominated with all-time high ratings recently
  • Clint Bondad shared his thoughts about the show’s success and his fondness for his co-stars

‘Love You Two’ is GMA Network’s newest series that premiered on April 22, starring Gabby Concepcion and Jennylyn Mercado, who’s tandem is also known as ‘GabJen’.

The pilot episode of the romantic-comedy drama did not hinder their rival show ‘Halik’ from getting on top.

According to NUTAM People Ratings, the pilot episode of ‘Love You Two’ on April 22 (Monday) got 8.3% while ‘Halik’ got 10.4%.

Despite the saddening low ratings, the show received heartfelt appreciation from the netizens for a job well done.

The battle is not yet over as they climbed on top last Friday, May 3.

‘Love You Two’ garnered 9.3% rating versus its new rival show ‘Sino Ang May Sala?,’ with a 7.5% rating, based on AGB Nielsen NUTAM People Ratings.

The series proved itself as a threat for their rival show and must not be taken lightly.

Clint Bondad, the newly transferred Kapuso artist, shared his thoughts about the show’s success.

“That’s actually very surprising kasi, the first few weeks medyo slow yung pick-up. But I think the reason why pumatok siya is because medyo light yung humor and medyo light lang yung show. Kaya mabilis lang maka tune-in kasi it’s not very heavy, it’s very relaxing, and it’s very relatable,” Clint shared.

The Kapuso hunk also revealed his closeness with his co-stars especially Jennylyn, his influencer in choosing to be a Kapuso.

“Actually Dear Uge was a last minute offer for me and may free day ako nun, and that’s where I started in terms of working with the network. And that’s with Jennylyn! On the set [of Love You Two], parang she’s a sister. Parang ate! Cause she’s very informal and casual all the time. Especially on how she speaks and everything. So working with her, it feels like being with someone that’s familiar and siyempre it’s exciting.”

Clint might be really close with Jennylyn but he is also fond of Gabby Concepcion as well.

“I talk to Gabby all the time. I get lots of advice from him,” he said with a soft voice.

He is also excited to work with Solenn Heusaff in the future.

“’Yung humor niya (Solenn) parang sa akin eh. We’re both kind of weird and awkward sometimes, so it would be good to work with her. But here in the show, she’s on the other love team with Gabby. So, I’m really interested if we can work something out in the show in terms of our characters. Maybe we could use each other to make each other’s exes jealous. Haha!” he said laughingly.


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