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JK Labajo, Jong Madaliday, Joey Reyes, and Bituin Escalante express disappointments in ‘Idol Philippines’ judges

  • ‘Idol Philippines’ judges Moira dela Torre, Vice Ganda and James Reid received criticisms from netizens
  • JK Labajo, Jong Madaliday, Joey Reyes and Bituin Escalante also shared their disappointments on the judges
  • Reyes and Escalante who recently aired their opinion for the judges was lamabasted by some netizens

In the past weeks, three judges of the ABS-CBN reality show Idol Philippines—Moira dela Torre, Vice Ganda, and James Reid—have been criticized and attacked by netizens who questioned their credentials as judges for a singing competition.

Most netizens believed that Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez was the only “credible” judge on the panel.

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This onslaught of criticism may have stemmed from the rejection of reggae singer Luke Baylon who failed to get a ‘Yes’ from Moira, Vice and James. Regine was the only one to approve of his performance.

The rejection of Baylon also drew reactions from artists who were prompted to express their disappointment in the judges through social media.

Juan Karlos Labajo, former The Voice Kids contestant, aired his sentiments on Twitter and called the judges “shameful.”

“Huge shame on the other ‘judges’ for not seeing this guy’s potential. What a shame. Such a shame. I’m ashamed,” Labajo said.

Former The Clash finalist and now Kapuso singer Jong Madaliday also expressed his disappointment.

On his Twitter account, he tweeted a screenshot of Luke Baylon’s performance on YouTube and said, “I’m a fan of you brader, keep it up. Kong isa lang ako sa judges its yesss for meee!”

Even director and writer Joey Reyes showed his disapproval of the judges.

In his Twitter post on Tuesday, Reyes came out with his own list of preferred singer-judges for a singing competition he did not specify. He suggested Jed Madela, Gary Valenciano, and Morissette Amon to be “replacements,” for the singing competition.

“Suggestion: Jed Madela, Gary Valenciano, Morisette Amon as replacements?” Reyes stated.
“Credibility is important … more than celebrity,” he added.

He gained mixed reactions from netizens. A few of them agreed with his point, while most of them bashed the film director.

With the numerous reactions from enraged netizens, Reyes apologized for his post.

“A misstep to make the suggestions. We all want the show to work, to give chance to new talents. My apologies for the insensitivity,” the director said.

Another famous singer, Bituin Escalante, was lambasted by netizens for airing her seemingly criticizing opinion towards the judges on Twitter.

“If I joined Philippine Idol, Hindi ako papasa sa judges… kay Reg lang. At ok ako donm” Escalante wrote.

A netizen commented on her post saying that Vice, Moira, and James may have high standards as judges.

“Malamang siguro. Mashado mataas yung standards nung 3 na judge. Pang world class. lol,” the netizen said.

Escalante did not let the comment slide.

“I can hear it nga e. ‘Nandon naman po yung voice but I need to see star quality,” Escalante responded.


Written by Amy Delos Reyes

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