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Is Gerald Anderson asking for another chance with ex-girlfriend Bea Alonzo?

  • Gerald Anderson’s recent Instagram Story seems like he was asking Bea Alonzo for a reconciliation
  • In his IG Story, the actor posted a video of himself in a car, with the song “Much Has Been Said” playing in the background
  • Does the Kapamilya actor want to get back with Bea?

Is Gerald Anderson asking for another chance with ex-girlfriend Bea Alonzo?

In a report by Philstar, the actor posted a video which suggested that he wants to reconcile and get back again with Alonzo in his recent Instagram Story.

In the said video, the actor was in his car with the song by Bamboo titled “Much Has Been Said” playing in the background.

“Much Has Been Said” is a 2012 hit song that is about two lovers who failed to save their relationship, with the guy wanting to get back together again.

Part of the lyrics that were heard in Gerald’s IG Story included the lines:

“Much has been said, said you’d never leave, why’d it have to be harder than it had to be?

“Much has been said. Well I never learned. Keeping my fingers crossed. Praying for my luck to turn. But I can’t complain. I’m living it easy. Job’s keeping me busy, I’m going crazy.

“Start over again, this time, this time let’s do it right, Start over again but this time this time let’s keep the fires burning.”

Whether it was intentional or not, some are concluding that the Kapamilya hunk wants to be with Bea again.

The question is, will Bea accept him in her life again after ‘the damage has been done?’

For a month now, the breakup of Gerald and Bea has been a hot topic. Many sympathized with Bea and sided with her while Gerald along with Julia Barretto (the alleged reason for the split) faced hate and criticism of netizens. He was labeled with hilarious names like “Poke Master,” “F*ck Boy,” “Dandruff,” “cheater,” and more others.

His statements regarding his breakup with Bea triggered netizens to bash him more.


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