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‘PBB Otso’ finale week in a close fight with ‘Ruler of the Mask’ in NUTAM People Ratings

  • Pinoy Big Brother Otso declared a close fight with Ruler of the Mask in NUTAM People’s Ratings last week
  • The two rival shows got the same ratings on Tuesday, July 30
  • More viewers still tuned in to Pinoy Big Brother Otso‘s finale week

On its finale week, ABS-CBN’s reality show Pinoy Big Brother Otso kept more viewers thrilled as the Big Night was fast approaching. The Big Otso housemates took their stand in the second part of Ultim8 Challenge, each of them aiming to be crowned as the Big Winner on the Big Night. They took part in the third part of the Ultim8 challenge before they finally said goodbye to Kuya’s house. Meanwhile, viewers did not fail to show their support by sending their text votes for their favorite housemates to help them climb to the top.

In the episode highlights of Ruler of the Mask, GMA Network’s newest Korean series, Ga Eun finally met Lee Sun after long years of separation but she failed to remember that he was her childhood friend. Meanwhile, Hwa Gun lied to Prince Lee Sun in order to let his beloved father escape. Later, Lee Sun decided to reveal his real identity to Ga Eun telling that he was Chun Soo. He then tried to ask for her forgiveness for hiding his identity.

Here are the comparative ratings of Pinoy Big Brother Otso‘s finale week and Ruler of the Mask last week in NUTAM People’s Ratings:

On Monday, July 29, PBB Otso garnered a score of 5.3% higher than the rating of Ruler of the Mask which only got 4.8%.

On Tuesday, July 30, PBB Otso recorded a slight decrease with 5.0% but the fight was declared a draw when Ruler of the Mask also reached 5.0% rating.

On Wednesday, July 31, PBB Otso‘s rating rose again reaching a score of 5.3% while Ruler of the Mask went down with a small decrease having 4.9%.

On Thursday, August 1, PBB Otso climbed even higher with a rating of 6.0% leaving behind Ruler of the Mask which only got 5.1%.

NUTAM People Ratings:

Monday (July 29) Ruler of the Mask 4.8% vs. PBB Otso 5.3%
Tuesday (July 30) Ruler of the Mask 5.0% vs. PBB Otso 5.0%
Wednesday (July 31) Ruler of the Mask 4.9% vs. PBB Otso 5.3%
Thursday (August 1) Ruler of the Mask 5.1% vs. PBB Otso 6.0%


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