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‘She is innocent’: Lesley Mobo clears Gazini Ganados’ name on “missing dress” issue

Miss Universe 2019 contender Gazini Ganados finally spoke up regarding the “missing dress” controversy she got involved in.

Ganados’ name trended in the fashion world when Lesley Mobo, a London-based Filipino designer, found the “missing” gown he personally designed for the beauty queen.

According to report by, Mobo had been looking for the “dress” since 2015, and much to his surprise, he found the dress online being worn by Ganados.

On Facebook, the international designer aired his amusement and posted a photo of the beauty queen wearing the red dress that he designed.

In his already taken down post, Mobo wrote, [published as-is] “What would u do if u…find your missing archive dress suddenly being worn by a beauty queen and u’r not even aware of it…and not even credited. I think she looks good on it…but…could do with a bit of help.. been looking for it since 2015 (how it landed there?).how can I get it back? should I buy it back? can I even buy it back?”

Now the Miss Universe Philippines representative has already shared her side about the matter.

In an exclusive interview with, Ganados explained that what happened was just a misunderstanding between Mobo and Pam Quinones, Ganados’ stylist.

She said, “Actually, I had a stylist from Qurator who is Pam Quinones. She is the one responsible for all the gowns and outfits I wore that day. I confirmed it with her and she said that the dress was borrowed.”

“And then the designer forgot that he lent it to Pam to the point that the designer already flew out of the country,” she added.

Clarifying the issue, Ganados went on: “We’re trying to communicate with him so that he can post another resonating reason to clear things out.”

By Thursday (August 8), it seems like everything was already settled between the two parties.

On Facebook, Mobo posted a photo in a black background with a simple message saying, “Apology Accepted,” hinting that the issue has been cleared up.

In the caption, he wrote a long message explaining what really had happened and how the gown made its way to Ganados. He also cleared the beauty queen’s name and asked the public to spare her on the issue. Furthermore, Mobo wished Ganados good luck for the upcoming Miss Universe 2020.

“With regards to the beauty queen Gazini Ganados, she is innocent and has nothing to do with this. Nag-model lang po sya ng damit and I hope she will win Miss Universe 2020!”

It was not a misunderstanding. THE DRESS WAS NEVER GIVEN TO THE STYLIST AS A GIFT. The dress was loaned to the stylist…

Posted by Lesley Mobo on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The 23-year-old beauty queen posted a photo of her wearing the red sequined gown designed by Mobo on Instagram last July 29.

In the caption she wrote, “Maayong Buntag!”


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