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Did Nadine Lustre’s dad aim his cryptic post at Kathryn Bernardo?

“In english ‘YOU’ is also used to pertain to a GROUP of people.”

  • Ulysses “Dong” Lustre posted a cryptic message online
  • Many netizens believed that his cryptic message was aimed at Kathryn Bernardo
  • He was bashed online for his post

Ulysses “Dong” Lustre, more popularly known as Nadine Lustre’s dad, is receiving hate online after posting cryptic messages on his Facebook account.

The netizens speculated that his rants were aimed at Kathryn Bernardo as he mentioned the terms “flop” and “high gross” presumably describing Nadine’s and Kathryn’s respective movies.

Nadine’s two recent movies Ulan and Indak failed to become hits at the cinemas while Kathryn starred in two of the highest grossing Filipino films: The Hows of Us and Hello, Love, Goodbye.

Ulysses wrote, “Facebook says, ‘What’s on your mind?’ I guess it means that I’m entitled to rant, once in a while.

“Here it goes;

“I’m Flop and you’re High Gross, what are you afraid of. You feel so threatened, you’re desperate to break US apart.

“I hope someday you get what you deserve. What comes around, goes around.”

Many netizens were displeased by his recent post and began to attack him, even questioning his parenting style. Ulysess faced criticisms for allowing Nadine to live under the same roof with her real-life boyfriend James Reid.

Others stressed that he should have thought things out first before ranting online since it can damage his daughter’s career.

Nonetheless, Nadine’s dad remained unfazed by his haters and implied that he is not reading their negative comments.

“To all the bashers and haters, thank you for visiting my page and reading my posts.

“I don’t even read hate comments. At the end of the day, you became affected I’m not. Kudos.”

He even expressed his amazement that his post gained hundreds of likes in just a few hours. In the end,Ulysses sarcastically thanked his haters.

“(Well,) what do you know! 113 comments and 7 shares in just 3 hrs, first time ever in my page.

“Thank you haters for making me famous. Keep it coming. Hate me more,” Ulysses said in his now deleted posts.

On Friday (October 11) morning, Nadine’s father decided to delete the controversial post on his Facebook account. In a new post, he then clarified that he was not pertaining to any particular person in his post.

“My posts does not pertain to anybody in particular. (sic)

“The word ‘I’ means ME as the writer, ‘US’ means the THE TWO OF US and ‘YOU’ is not a particular person.

“In english ‘YOU’ is also used to pertain to a GROUP of people.”

“The words ‘FLOP’ and ‘HIGH GROSS’ pertains to two things in opposite, which I chose to use simply because I’m pertaining to the entertainment biz,” Ulysses explained.

Thanks to Fashion Pulis for all the screencaps.


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