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Here are 12 hunky actors who received indecent proposals

In light of Alex Diaz’s recent controversy, here are some male celebrities who were on the receiving end of indecent proposals.

In light of Alex Diaz’s recent controversy, here are some male celebrities who were on the receiving end of indecent proposals.

Aljur Abrenica

Last March 2019, Aljur said in an interview that he received an indecent proposal from a rich gay, who even talked to his dad and offered the hunky actor a brand new vehicle.

Joseph Bitangcol

Sandara Park’s former on-screen partner received a proposal where he was promised a condominium unit, car or a show by the unknown sender. Joseph strongly denied that he had a gay benefactor in October 2010.

Rodjun Cruz

The elder brother of Rayver Cruz also received shocking proposals on his Instagram account that included financial support and a one-night stand. He dealt with the proposals by simply deleting them.

Enzo Pineda

It was just an ordinary day at the gym for Enzo when he received the proposal out of nowhere. The public learned what happened when a tabloid newspaper published the story.

JC Tiuseco

After JC won in GMA’s Survivor Philippines in 2011, he immediately received an indecent proposal through a text message. The sender proposed to pay JC Php100,000 but the latter chose to ignore the message and promised himself that whatever happens, he will never get into such a situation.

Phytos Ramirez

The Filipino-Greek actor and model makes sure that his mom is aware each time he receives propositions from fans. The Madrasta cast member confirmed in an interview last June 2015 that his gay fans offered him money as well as a car.

Kenneth Earl Medrano

The Eat Bulaga heartthrob received several proposals from netizens, but he refused to respond to messages.

Derek Ramsay

Three years ago, Derek revealed in an interview with entertainment press that he received indecent proposals from his followers, but he managed to address the issue professionally by refraining them from sending such proposals. He said, “If the fans go over the limit, na inaaya kang mag-sex chat or whatever you call it, that’s where you draw the line.”

Marco Alcaraz

The 34-year-old husband of Lara Quigaman received an offer amounting to Php200,000 just to go on a date. The GMA actor found the proposal offensive.

Carl Guevarra

Hunky actor Carl Guevarra shared last last 2010 he was Php40,000 to meet up with the proposal’s sender. He ignored the offer but felt worried since the sender kept on calling his phone for several times.

KC Montero

KC Montero had a unique approach when dealing with an indecent proposal. After rejecting it, he mentioned his brother Troy and singers Kris Lawrence and Jay-R as options when the propositioner asked for recommendations. He also mentioned Billy Crawford was off the market since he just got married.

Jeric Gonzales

From fans to anonymous senders, one of the ones who propositioned Jeric Gonzales was allegedly a politician. He confessed about the incident during a quick interview with GMA Unang Hirit for his newest TV series Magkaagaw with his on-screen partner Klea Pineda.


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