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‘ASAP’ wins ratings on Kantar Media but All-Out Sunday overtakes the show on NUTAM

NUTAM only gets their data from selected urban areas while Kantar Media covers ratings coming from Urban and Rural areas in the Philippines.

  • ASAP won over its rival show on Kantar Media
  • GMA’s news noontime weekend show won on NUTAM
  • All-Out Sunday could be another threat to ASAP Natin ‘To

Last Sunday, ASAP had won over its rival show All-Out Sunday based on Kantar Media. But based on NUTAM, GMA Network All-Out Sunday was on top.

Kantar Media showed the result that ASAP Natin ‘To with 11.7% overtook its rival show All-Out Sunday with 9.8%.

But on National Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM) ratings it was the opposite. All-Out Sunday with their Summer Kick-off episode got 5.6% over ASAP Natin ‘To with 4.7%.

All-Star Sunday Afternoon Party (ASAP) has been running since 1995. It has also become the first live entertainment show in the Philippines to be broadcast in true high-definition. It showcases different talents particularly in singing and dancing of ABS-CBN’s brightest stars. But its rival network had aired a new show “All-Out Sunday” that could be another threat for ABS-CBN.

All-Out Sunday is GMA’s weekend musical and comedy variety show that showcases fun musical acts. It just premiered on January 05, 2020 and has continuously received positive feedbacks as well as good ratings.


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