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GMA Network’s ‘Descendants of the Sun’ – Episode 24 (March 12)

Here’s what happened to ‘Descendants of the Sun’ on Marc 12

One day at the medicube, Marty had a seizure. Lucas and Diego witnessed it. Maxine offered help to Moira who was attending to Marty but the latter refused.

One night, Maxine aired her apology to the whole military team via two-way radio. They listened to it, even Lucas. The following day, several military men approached her to tell her that they’ve already forgiven her. Happy tears flooded Maxine’s eyes.

Maxine and Lucas focus on their duties as a doctor and soldier. They helped the community in Urdan to recover after the PRG men took over their town.

Lucas received an information that PRG men were spotted in the next town. When they went there, they had an encounter with Greg and his men. (Watch the full episode here)


GMA Network’s ‘Love of My Life’ – Episode 29 (March 12)

Gerald Anderson visits congress and poses with Speaker of the House and Celebrity Congresswomen