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Supposed 10 days guesting of Lorna Tolentino turned into a year on ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’

Lily Ann Cortez-Hidalgo’s evil ambitions and viciousness finally comes to an end.

Who would have thought that the supposed 10 days guesting of Grand Slam Queen Lorna Tolentino on the longest-running primetime series of ABS-CBN, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, would eventually turn into a year?

Despite her villainous character that many people are annoyed with, Tolentino cannot help but thank FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano for the opportunity it has given her.

“Una, nagpapasalamat ako kasi, ang Ang Probinsyano. 10 days lang talaga ako dapat… Hanggang sa pinapirma na nga ako ng contrata na aabot hanggang September.”

She also pointed out that her role as Lily has really contributed to the story and her unexpected pairing with President Oscar Hidalgo, the character played by Rowell Santiago, would create a strange spark.

“Naging effective yung pagdating ko… Parang nakakatulong din yon, for the story and for me as an actor. Sa kanila rin, nagkakaroon sila ng ‘Sandali, ganito gagawin natin.’

“Hindi naman dapat ako maiinvolve kay Direk Rowell, pero dun sa basurahan na eksena, na tumalon kame kunyare. Eh nagkatabi kame ni Direk Rowell. ‘Ay may chemistry.'”

Speaking of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, the actress was also asked for her take on Robin Padilla’s allegations that Coco Martin would splash water on the staff in a mean-spiritedness act.

According to Tolentino, she didn’t experience it first hand. She literally had no idea about it and even remarked that it was actually her who threw water on other people (referring to a scene where her character Lily poured water on Whitney Tyson’s character).

“Buhusan ng tubig? May nangyari ba sa totoong buhay na ganoon? Di ko alam yon. Di ako informed dyan. Copycat lang pa talaga ang ginawa ko.

“Wala akong experience na ganoon wala.”

“Nagpupuyatan din kame nung time na kailangan yung mga pulitikong tatakbo ay mawala na sa Ang Probinsyano, nagpupuyat kame talaga. Wala naman akong nakitang ganon. So wala akong naexperience or nakita na may pangyayaring ganoon.”

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is on its 4th year now on television. And for four long years, the longest-running action drama series has dominated ratings since it premiered, outscoring every GMA primetime series pitted against it.

Last week, the long-running TV series lorded over primetime programming in both NUTAM and Kantar Media which are two different audience measurement bodies.

Below is a comparative measurement of the two shows recorded by NUTAM for February 24-28.

Feb 24 Monday FPJAP 15.8%, ANWVANB 10.5%
Feb 25 Tuesday FPJAP 15.1%, ANWVANB 10.6%
Feb 26 Wednesday FPJAP 15.6%, ANWVANB 9.9%
Feb 27 Thursday FPJAP 14.0%, ANWVANB 9.9%
Feb 28 Friday FPJAP15.0%, ANWVANB 10.0%

Meanwhile, Kantar Media has also released its viewership record favoring FPJAP for the whole week. Moreover, the action-packed series earned the highest audience share on Wednesday, February 26 with 34.5%, almost twice the rating that its rival program has garnered.

Below is a comparative result showing the viewership ratings that FPJAP and ANWVANB have collected for the whole week.

Feb 24 Monday FPJAP 33.3%, ANWVANB 17.4%
Feb 25 Tuesday FPJAP 32.9%, ANWVANB 16.8%
Feb 26 Wednesday FPJAP 34.5%, ANWVANB 17.6%
Feb 27 Thursday FPJAP 32.6%, ANWVANB 17.6%
Feb 28 Friday FPJAP 33.4%, ANWVANB 17.5%

Currently on FPJAP, Lily is slowly filling the Palace with her preferred allies who will help her achieve her plan of ruling the whole country while slowly destroying the family of Cardo Dalisay.

On the contrary, Dalisay found out that Renato Hipolito, his nemesis is behind the wrongful conviction of his grandfather Delfin Borja.

Ang Probinsyano‘s rival Anak ni Waray Vs Anak ni Biday is now in its 6th week.

When Caitlyn (Kate Valdez) introduced her boyfriend to Ginalyn (Barbie Forteza), the latter found out that her best friend’s love interest is no other than Cocoy (Migo Adecer), her former boss and the guy she has feelings for. However, Ginalyn decided to keep her almost-love affair with Cocoy from Caitlyn in order to save their friendship.


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