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Derek Ramsay slams man who went berserk and cursed the police

Parra was told to pay a Php1,000.00 fine for the violation, but he refused and confronted the Makati policemen.

“Our soldiers and police are fighting hard for all of us. This man has no respect for them and for anyone.”

This was the exact statement of Derek Ramsay on Rappler’s article about a man who was physically assaulted by police in a private subdivision in Makati last Sunday, April 26, 2020.

The incident happened when Makati police noticed that one of Parra’s house staff was not wearing a face mask while watering the plans just outside their property. Wearing masks while outside of one’s home is one of the policies of the enhanced community quarantine.

Parra was told to pay a Php1,000.00 fine for the violation, but he refused and confronted the Makati policemen. According to Makati Police Officer Roland Madrona he was forced to arrest the foreigner for verbal assault, insulting an officer, and giving the dirty finger sign.

In another comment, Derek urged Rappler to watch the other video where it shows how rude and entitled the foreigner was during the confrontation with the police.

Derek thinks Rappler should get the full details including the opinion of Roland Madrona.

As his last comment on Rappler’s Instagram account, Derek reminded everyone not to provoke the policemen as they are working round the clock and stressed out. The only thing that policemen are asking for from society is respect.

Moreover, Dasmarinas Barangay Captain Rosanna Hwang released an official statement to defend Makati Police Officer Roland Madrona against the foreigner who intends to file a criminal case.

“This resident was on the street and sidewalk which belongs to DVA common area, therefore a public place. He was committing a crime in the presence of the officer and could be arrested even if he retreated to his property.

“Barangay was also advised that aside from Verbal Assault and Unjust Vexation, this is Violation of Art 151 of RPC for simple Disobedience in relation to Local Ordinance requiring the wearing of face mask, and for being intoxicated outside the house.”


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