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ABS-CBN Executive gets ‘stressed’ while watching the ABS-CBN franchise hearing

ABS-CBN stressed on its franchise renewal hearing after the congress questioned about the citizenship of ABS-CBN chairman Eugenio Lopez

Laurenti Dyogi, ABS-CBN’s Entertainment Production Director and Head Director for Pinoy Big Brother, shared his sentiments during the third hearing of ABS-CBN Franchise in Congress on his social media account.

Direk Lauren shared how stressful it is to witness a hearing that gives irrelevant allegations knowing how important those meetings are for the people working for the network.

He also shared that being with the network for over 30 years has been fulfilling.

While the house has been insistent about media networks be 100% Filipino-owned, it has suddenly changed its mind about the communication, transport, and communication sectors.

On June 3, the House committees on legislative franchises and good government and public accountability tackled its third hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal.

Those against the network’s renewal questioned the citizenship of ABS-CBN’s chairman emeritus Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez III. Stating that the 1987 Constitution declared that media companies should be 100% Filipino-owned. And since Lopez is an American citizen they argued that the network is supposedly foreign-owned that even its Philippine Depositary Receipts were sold to foreigners.

But Lopez responded otherwise, confidently stating that he is a Filipino citizen since birth because he was born to Filipino parents. He also affirmed that he would never renounce his Philippine citizenship. He also clarified that he never took the United States pledge of allegiance. Stressing that for the last 35 years he’s been associated with ABS-CBN, he has been committed to serving Filipinos.

Many others testified about Lopez’s citizenship. ABS-CBN’general counsel Mario Bautista clarified that Lopez is a dual citizen because he was born to Filipino parents in the United States of America.

Emmeline Aglipay Villar, Department of Justice Undersecretary, also certified that Lopez seeking recognition of his Philippine citizenship was a confirmatory act of what he already possessed.

ABS-CBN personnel as well debated on the arguments raised during the congress hearing.


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