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‘Ano nga ba ang sukat mo ng talino?’ Lauren Young lambasts DJ Loonyo over mass testing gaffe

Lauren Young slammed DJ Loonyo over his erroneous statement about mass testing.

Kapuso star Lauren Young is one of the celebrities who are vocal about socio-political issues.

In her recent post, Lauren blasted vlogger DJ Loonyo over his incorrect notion about mass testing.

In a series of tweets, Young slammed Loonyo for acting smart about different issues but lacking the patience to research and understand the issues fully.

“I feel like in the case of Loonyo he really just wants to sound smart but lacks the patience to sit, read and understand. Gusto lang magkaroon ng opinion for the sake of it? Mapakita lang yung bigdickenergy. Like LOOK AT ME IM SMART.”

While not directly addressing Loonyo, Young also gave advice to be more inquisitive. She said there’s no harm in asking questions, it will even broaden one’s knowledge about a certain issue or subject.

“Easy lang naman eh, if you don’t know or aren’t sure about what you’re talking about then simply ask! There’s no harm in asking, if anything masmaiinform ka pa nga eh. Only a person with a huge ego would be scared to ask. You’re taking the opportunity to learn away from yourself!”

She also responded to a basher who smart shamed her saying there are different types of smart and she’s the kind who will take responsibility to research and learn so she will avoid sharing misinformation.

Lauren’s tweets came on the heels of Loonyo’s viral mass testing gaffe.

On Wednesday, Loonyo went live on Facebook discussing mass testing.

The internet sensation however received a massive bashing online after confusing covid-19 mass testing to clinical trials of covid-19 vaccines.

In his statementm DJ Loonyo said, “I just don’t know it’s like, it’s like, gagana ba tong bagay na to sa ganitong ano, diba? These, I don’t know kung anong gagamitin nila sa mass testing, pero kung ano man ang ipapainom nila o ipapagawa nila, it’s a trial and error, that’s why it’s mass testing.

“Kaya kawawa ’yung, ano, kawawa ’yung magi-intake, kawawa ’yung mag-u-undergo doon kasi it’s not a hundred percent proven.

“It shouldn’t be mandatory, it should be encouraged. Depende na sa’yo kung gusto mong i-test ’yung sarili mo o gusto mong paniwalaan ’yung, ano, nila. But for me, why would you test me? I’m a human being? I will react kung ano ’yung ipapainom mo sa’kin. Pa’no kung ’yung pagpapainom mo sakin, magrereact ng medyo malala ’yung katawan ko? So I am dead. ’Di ba? So ’di ako naniniwala sa mass testing na yan,” he added.


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