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Claire Gomez exposes what DJ Loonyo did to her and Ivana Alawi; shares her side of the story

“…I unfollowed him, kase alam mo yun. I’m confused kung pano niya ako itrato.”

Claire Gomez has been recently making rounds online after being involved in the alleged rift between sexy star and vlogger Ivana Alawi and online sensation DJ Loonyo (real name Rhemuel Lunio).

Following the backlash she received from Ivana-Loonyo shippers, Gomez aired her side of the story through a video that quickly spread online.

In the said video, the proud single mom clarified that she never assumed anything with DJ Loonyo and her only mistake was being nice and understanding to the point that she neglected herself for others.

“I’m blinded and then to the point na babalewala ko na yung sarili kong nararamdaman para lang sa iba. Yun yung mali ko. And you guys should know that gusto ko lang iclear na when it comes to remz, I never assumed. Hindi ako nag, hindi ako umasa. Hindi ako nag assume.”

She also said that she has her good reason why she chose to block and unfollow the social media heartthrob.

“I have my own reason kung bakit ko siya blinock… I blocked him kasi he made me confused kung ano yung trato niya sakin. Na confuse ako doon. And that’s my personal reason. Malinaw samin oo, after we stopped talking. Malinaw sa both sides na we stay as good friends. Naging magkaibigan kame, he supported me sa mga plans ko. I supported him, I lifted him up, I cheered him up during his downtimes.”

“…I unfollowed him, kase alam mo yun. I’m confused kung pano niya ako itrato.”

Further, Gomez shared that she has no grudge about Lunio’s feelings towards Alawi as she even supported his love for her.

“I have nothing against his feelings for Ivana and he knows that,” she explained and added, “Totoo lahat ng sinabi niya sa life niya. I’m a great person, I supported him all the way, I gave him advices when it comes to work. During down times, andon ako. Andon ako lahat.”

However, Gomez lamented when she knew that the male YouTuber and dancer lied to her and chose to hide his feelings for Alawi when he could’ve told her about it to lessen the confusion between them. Further, she stated that she has nothing to do with the rift between Lunio and Alawi.

“When it comes to Ivana and Remz wala na akong pake. They have their own reason. Kung ano man problema nila.”

In her lengthy Instagram Live video, she also revealed that she originally had no plan at all to express her side if only her daughter wasn’t being involved in the issue. She even narrated how she talked to her daughter (who knew that Lunio existed in her life) about the bashing she’s receiving from the Ivana-Loonyo supporters and why she kept her silence.

Moreover, Gomez said she’s a proud single mom and there’s nothing wrong with it as she never neglected her child.

“Being a single mom, I’m proud of it. Proud ako dun.

“Ang dami niyong binabato sakin na retokada ako, single mom ako, alagaan ko nalang yung anak ko. You’re degrading me as a single mom? Bakit?

“Never nanlimahid yung anak ko. And those pictures you’re showing, I’m proud of it. Because it sums up my life. How I fought, kung paano ako bumangon as a single mom. Never nagutom yung anak ko.”

As much as she admitted that she didn’t care at all, Gomez can’t help but question Loonyo’s decision to hide what Alawi really meant to him despite the fact that he considers her as a great friend.

“Bakit niya itatago sakin na may feelings siya kay Ivana kung we’re just great friends.”

While throwing some shade against the popular dancer, Gomez admitted that despite Alawi’s cluelessness of what’s going on, she reached out to her and comforted her after being accused as the wrecker of “LooVana” loveteam.

“Wala ring alam si Ivana eh, wala rin siyang alam sa mga nangyayari… She message me, to lift me up, to comfort me, kase nakarating sa kanya na binabash ako, ako yung sinisisi dahil don.”

“So, that’s the only time. That’s the only time, we both knew, kung ano yung totoo. Ayon lang. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life. Ayoko talaga, ayoko makasira ng ibang tao. Pero ako yung nasisira eh.”

Nonetheless, Gomez continued: “I’ve been a great person to remz. Pero yung fact na, parang pinalabas na ako yung umasa, ako yung nag assume, never. Yun lang yung gusto ko and don’t drag single moms. Wag niyo i drag yon.

“Hindi ako pasikat, wala akong pake, wala akong pake sa fame. Naka private nga lahat ng account ko eh,” she added.

Ivana Alawi is a Kapamilya artist and vlogger known for her crazy and funny ‘pranks.’ DJ Loonyo on the other hand, is a China-based Filipino choreographer who rose to fame for his dance covers on social media. Their tandem was born after the sexy star featured the handsome heartthrob in her ‘boyfriend’ prank vlog. In just two days, their video reached more than 6 million views on YouTube. Their undeniable ‘chemistry’ brought ‘kilig’ and good vibes and their fans immediately shipped the two as they were called IvanYoo or LooVana.

When asked if he had a girlfriend, Loonyo claimed he was single. However, some netizens claimed that Loonyo was lying and he was in a relationship with Garnet Kaye Cantos.

In a recent interview, Loonyo revealed he kept Gomez a secret from Alawi and vice versa. Fans were puzzled and disheartened when they found out that Alawi unfollowed Loonyo on social media and they pointed to Gomez as the reason.

Meanwhile, many netizens expressed their support for Gomez.

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