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Clint Bondad ends 4-month social media hiatus, keeps Catriona Gray’s photos on Instagram

The photo included a gif of two women hugging and a caption that says “mood” with a smiling face with three hearts emoji.

Model-artist Clint Bondad’s recent Instagram post on Wednesday, June 24 is proof that he’s back on social media.

After a four-month-long hiatus on his social media accounts amid the fans’ desire to know if he has something to say about his ex-girlfriend Catriona Gray’s relationship with Sam Milby, Bondad has finally updated his IG by sharing a photo of dogs with their heads bumping each other.

The photo included a gif of two women hugging and a caption that says “mood” with a smiling face with three hearts emoji.

But what’s more intriguing than his social media break is the fact that he still hasn’t deleted any of the Miss Universe 2018’s photos in his IG wall despite their break up.

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Bondad and Gray had been in a relationship for six years. Bondad’s captions in all the photos of him and Gray on his Instagram account speaks a volume about how their relationship was so pure, raw, and something that everybody wishes to have for their own. However, they were not lucky to survive all odds as their love story led to a heartbreaking, yet mutual, separation.

Back in February 2019, shortly after the Filipino-Australian beauty queen was hailed as Miss Universe 2018, she set the record straight and confirmed that they already had broken up.

In an interview with Tonight with Boy Abunda, while she never really revealed the reason for their break up, she mentioned that people who are in a long-term relationship tend to outgrow each other.

Bondad also admitted in an interview that their relationship was on the rocks already during the pageant.

Meanwhile, the online world was surprised by the revelation that Gray and Sam Milby are in a relationship. The latter confirmed this through his Instagram post and this earned various reactions from the netizens.

While several celebrities and fans were happy and congratulated the new couple, some felt sorry for Bondad, the reason why his name trended on Twitter after Milby’s confirmation. Some CatClint shippers were even crying for the two to get back together. Amid the confirmation of Gray’s new relationship, Bondad has kept his silence.

While it is a usual thing for celebrities to delete the photos of their exes posted in their social media accounts, the 26-year-old hunk retained his ex-girlfriend’s photos.

Late last year, Bondad was linked to Anne JKN, the chief executive officer of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited (PCL) which is one of the biggest content management and distribution companies in Thailand, after the former posted a photo of them together. However, the Thai billionaire set the record straight and said that there’s nothing going on between them as one, she only sees him as her little brother, and two, “he’s not my type.”


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