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“#maTOKHANGkaSANA” Veteran star Vivian Velez responds to Kapuso actress Isabel Rivas’ comments

“Adding insult to injury ka pa dyan sa mga umiiyak na nakatrabaho mo, wala ka talagang kahihiyan…ingrata!!!” Rivas stated.

Vivian Velez posted on her Facebook account a “blind item” about a jealous actress who is a former friend of hers who keeps on bashing her.

Velez called out on this friend of hers who badmouths her for being a DDS (Die-hard Duterte Supporter) and likened her to a frog when she said, “Tumitira ka pa rin palaka?”

Dating 'ingiterang' actress friend, putak ng putak at minumura ako dahil DDS daw ako. Tumitira ka pa rin palaka? #maTOKHANGkaSANA

Posted by Vivian Velez on Saturday, July 11, 2020

She then made a comeback by using the hashtag “#maTOKHANGkaSANA” pertaining to President Duterte’s war on drugs Oplan Tokhang.

Velez’s post came after actress Isabel Rivas had harsh words for her and criticized her for celebrating ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal denial. Rivas was not pleased with Velez and decided to vent her rage through her Facebook post.

Rivas called Velez a worthless person and pointed out that she was all body and sexiness back in the day but she really has no brains. Rivas said that Velez’s brain should have grown bigger so that the industry would still respect her.

Rivas also accused Velez of ‘adding insult to the injury’ pertaining to the grievance of her former colleagues as Velez used to work in the ABS-CBN network.

“Adding insult to injury ka pa dyan sa mga umiiyak na nakatrabaho mo, wala ka talagang kahihiyan…ingrata!!!” Rivas stated.

Velez decided to defend herself. Even Velez’s friend decided to speak for her and called out Rivas. According to her friend, Rivas has no right to attack Velez who is way out of her league.

Isabel Rivas. No. Do not even attempt to take on someone who has more beauty, charisma, grace and glamor than you. At…

Posted by Rocky Gonzales on Saturday, July 11, 2020

On point! hahaha… Thank you my dearest friend, Rocky. 🙏❤

Posted by Vivian Velez on Saturday, July 11, 2020

The feisty friend of Velez mocked Rivas for being a nobody and even threatened to make her famous again for all the wrong reasons. Velez agreed with her friend and thanked him for defending her.

“On point! hahaha… Thank you my dearest friend, Rocky,” she said.

Velez also said that those who are against her and belittling her won’t stop her from speaking her mind as she knows that those are just the people’s tactics to silence her.

Dinudurog daw ako na parang paminta, laos at kung ano ano pa… according to Kapamilya Kingdom. Syempre po, expected na…

Posted by Vivian Velez on Sunday, July 12, 2020

She addressed her family and friends not to worry about her as she said, “Sa mga kaibigan at pamilya ko, huwag kayong magalala sa akin, kayang kaya ko ‘to. Tuloy ang laban.”

“In my mind the cry is clear,” she added.

Velez mentioned that people have been victims of powerlessness and lack of freedom and that the people are being chained by ‘oligarchs‘, referring to ABS-CBN Corporation.

“We have been the victims of powerlessness and lack of freedom to flourish in a system exploited only by the few, by the rich and the privileged,” Velez said.

“We, the people, have nothing to lose but our chains against the ‘Oligarchs’,” she added.

She then ended her post with the hashtags “#no2oligarchs” and “parasabayan”.

Vivian Velez entered showbiz in the mid-’70s while Isabel Rivas entered in 1980.

Rivas and Velez are both known as “sexy stars” and were friends during the times they starred in sexy Pinoy movies. They were often the leading ladies of action stars back in the days.

Both artists have been a part of ABS-CBN and have made several telenovelas there.

Isabel Rivas started with the film, Uhaw Na Dagat’ in 1980. She was a part of the cast of Los Bastardos (2018-2019). She recently took a role in GMA Network’s ‘Bilangin Ang Bituin Sa Langit.’

Vivian was known as the “Ms. Body Beautiful” of Philippine movies in the 1980s. She won the Film Academy of the Philippines FAP Award for Best Actress in Pieta (1983) and the FAMAS Award and Metro Manila Film Festival for Best Actress in Paradise Inn (1985). Her last television appearance was in Tubig at Langis which she left because of her dispute with the lead star Cristine Reyes.


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