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Willie Revillame lectures another ‘Wowowin’ contestant who cursed him on live TV

“Anong totoo? Totoo! Si Kuya Willie mo ito! Bakit ka nagmumura? Bawal nagmumura.”

Another cussing incident happened on GMA’s Wowowin where a contestant didn’t hesitate to cuss at Willie Revillame and she got a lecture from the host.

The incident occurred during the “Tutok to Win” segment last October 13, 2020, where Willie selects and calls a lucky contestant who will earn a cash prize.

He said farewell in jest after Revillame asked the contestant to confirm her name. This caused the caller, who happened to be named Glaiza, a 17-year-old girl, to swear at the TV host.

The woman on the other line blurted the expletive “P*t*ng*n* mo*!”

Revillame asked her why she cursed him after repeatedly telling the Ilocos Sur grade 12 student who he was. “Walang hiya ka, minura mo ako, si Kuya Willie mo ito!” Revillame said.

“Hala? Totoo?” the Grade 12 student respondent.

“Anong totoo? Totoo! Si Kuya Willie mo ito! Bakit ka nagmumura? Bawal nagmumura.”

To which Glaiza admitted that she assumed she was a prank caller.

“Akala ko kasi iba po.”

Revillame then started to lecture her and told her to ask for forgiveness from the audiences who heard her cursing, “Nanunuod ang buong mundo sa atin, ‘tapos nagmumura ka. Bawal magmura.”

Glaiza immediately learned her lesson and apologized to the live audience, “Sorry po…humihingi po ako ng pasensya sa nasabi ko.”

This was not the first time a caller on national television cursed Revillame. It can be recalled that last May, after believing that he was a prank caller, he was also named “G*go!” by a contestant.

A game winner on Wowowin unintentionally cursed host Willie Revilla over the phone at a really unexpected moment.

When the winner replied to the call in a similar situation, the host asked the former, without naming himself, to thank the contest sponsors.

The winner screamed, stunned, ‘G*go! which prompted the host of 59 years to reveal himself.

As of now, Revillame told his future and potential callers that even though calls are scams, they should never curse phone callers.

“Ang payo ko lang sa natatawagan, kahit na may scam eh ‘wag kayong magmumura. Kasi kung totoo  paano ‘yan?” the host-actor said on air.

“Kasi nag-text ka sa amin. ‘Sana kuya ako matawagan mo para pambili ko ng laptop para sa online class namin,’” he added.


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