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While Korean stars put so much weight in doing OPM covers, Aiai delas Alas chooses to do differently

Ai -i received backlash from the netizens who said that her rendition was an insult to the music and language of Korea.

Actress-singer Ai-Ai delas Alas made the rounds on social media after she performed “Lovesick Girls” of the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK for The Clash Christmas Special Concert last Friday, December 25.

People commented about her rendition and compared her performance to the performances of some Korean idols who sang Filipino songs and gave ‘justice’ to the songs.

Ai-Ai received backlash from the netizens who said that her rendition was an insult to the music and language of Korea as her performance involved singing the lyrics of the song incorrectly.

The actress had already trended for the same reason for her performances of some Korean hit tracks like BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream”, “How You Like That”, and “Ddu Du Ddu Du” as well as Momoland’s “Banana Cha Cha.”

Ai-Ai’s recent performance on ‘The Clash‘ garnered mixed reactions from the netizens who expressed either their approval or dismissal towards the rendition.

Some netizens compared her performance to other Korean idols who performed Filipino songs and sang it properly.’ People mentioned Korean idol Sandara Park’s recent cover of Filipino singer Iñigo Pascual’s hit song, “Dahil Sa ‘Yo.”

Sandara performed the cover with her fellow idol, Jay of the boy group iKON. Their performance received praises from the netizens and even receiving a compliment from Inigo himself who said that their cover was very beautiful.

Netizens also mentioned ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo’s performance of Ben & Ben’s “Kathang-Isip.” They said that the idol’s performance was good and involved singing the Filipino lyrics correctly.

While some netizens bashed Ai-Ai for her performance, other people still wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. They said that the actress was just following the instructions of the show’s staff.

Other people also said that Ai-Ai was just trying to boost the viewership of the show which explains her noteworthy performance. There were also netizens who stated that the 56-year-old actress was just trying to be funny and doesn’t intend to offend anyone.

However, some netizens still chose to bash Ai-Ai’s performance and said that she was not being funny at all and that she needed to stop her parody performances.

“Can she just stop? It isn’t funny anymore. I personally think it’s getting rude,” one netizen said.

Other netizens also mentioned that Ai-Ai should stop her K-pop songs parody performances because they claimed that the actress was just mocking the music of Koreans.

“I’m not sorry but ai ai delas alas doing kpop isn’t funny… if you wanna do it, DO IT RIGHT,” one netizen wrote.


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