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Grae Fernandez prefers older women; Kira Balinger is senior to him!

Will the new KiRae tandem end up together?

Kira Balinger and Grae Fernandez‘s undeniable chemistry was first seen on Funny Ka, Pare Ko, on CineMo sitcom’s fifth season. They got reunited recently via a drama hit series, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin.

With them being compatible, they instantly gained a following.

Netizens even noticed their undeniable connection as they made rounds on the Internet.

Their tandem became such a hit because of their performance in the teleserye as the star-crossed sweethearts–Hope Villarosa and Jake Zulyani, respectively.

Due to Balinger’s stellar acting, she is described as ‘the next big thing’.

Now, KiRae fans are up for a treat!

On the other hand, it seems that Fernandez always has a crush on those older than him. This was revealed in PopCinema when the two were invited as guests.

When asked who their first crush was, Kira answered that it was Harry Styles who made her heart flutter.

“Si Harry Styles po nung regular student pa po ako,” Kira made a prompt reply while gushing.

Even if it’s 2021 her crush will always be the former One Direction member.

“Si Harry Styles pa rin sa 2021,” she insisted.

When it was Grae’s turn, he admitted that he had a crush during his sixth grade days.

“Schoolmate po sa school eh. I was like 6th grade ata,” shared Grae.

Grae, who is also an avid fan of Marvel’s Avengers, then added that he also took a liking to Scarlett Johansson because of her character in the superhero movie series.

“For me, si Scarlett Johansson. Dahil sa Avengers. Kasi I’m really a big fan of Avengers.”

The reason is that Johansson’s character Black Widow was the first female heroine in the Marvel movie franchise.

Then out of the blue, one of the hosts of the show, Bianca Gonzales was curious whether Grae pursued his 6th-grade crush. He answered that he didn’t since his crush was older than him.

“Crush lang po. Parang she’s like she’s three years above my grade,” Grae answered.

Now, here’s the kilig part.

MJ Felipe, the co-host of Bianca asked how old is Kira and Grae. Kira is senior to Grae! The young actress is 20 years old while her on-screen partner is 19.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, the hosts couldn’t hide their ‘kilig’ as there’s a brewing fact that Grae could develop a crush on Kira someday. This is given as the actor always ends up having ‘crushes’ on older girls.


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