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Former Kristoffer Martin’s live-in partner speaks up about the break-up, Kapuso actor responds

Essentially, there are two sides to a story. Better hear both before jumping to any conclusion.

Relationships sometimes do not end with both sides on good terms. With the recent break-up between Kapuso actor Kristoffer Martin and his ex-girlfriend of seven years, there is more than meets the eye.

AC Banzon granted the invite of the entertainment website to narrate her side regarding the break-up with Martin.

When they went on separate ways on December 18 (of last year), Martin’s ex-partner and mother of his child chose to be silent about the separation.

But in January of 2021, she finally explained the reason why. Initially, Banzon thought that Martin only got tired. In fact, in a previous interview with the actor, he admitted that they didn’t work out, which shocked her.

“I was shocked din po with that statement—that it didn’t work out.

“Maybe it didn’t work out towards the end… for him,” she added.

She even said that she tried to go after him, to work things out, for the sake of their child.

“I tried to work it out po talaga. As in I chased after him. Siyempre, given the situation na hindi lang naman po ito decision naming dalawa. There’s a child involved.

“So, I really tried to work things out with him. Like, to settle yung mga issues namin together, because I thought we were okay.”

Moroever, Banzon said that there was a third-party involved. During the interview with PEP, she said that there was someone who influenced Martin’s decision.

“Kasi may contributor dun din sa desisyon niya,” she said.

And when she was asked when it happened, Banzon guessed that it happened during his lock-in taping.

“Ahhh, I think he had someone else during his lock-in taping.”

According to Banzon, the actor admitted that there was someone else.

“If you are asking po if he admitted, yes po. But after the breakup na po. I mean, mga more than a week after,” she revealed.

Kristoffer Responds.

When the actor heard the news that his former live-in partner aired her story, he used his twitter account to respond through a series of tweets.

According to him, not everyone will believe her for they know the truth.

As opposed to Banzon’s words–communication is key to any relationship to work, Martin responded to count his sacrifices over her merchandise.

Furthermore, Martin was not impressed by Banzon’s narrative. Banzon told PEP that the actor visited their child just to give milk.

“Yes po. Last time he was here, siguro around last month po, nagbigay lang siya ng milk,” she said.

In response, the actor said that she should have included the reason as to how he got drained in the relationship and not just how he only provided milk.

Besides Banzon’s story, Martin’s tweet provided a deeper reason why he needed to do it.

And with the accusations being thrown at him by his former partner, Martin’s final tweet in response to Banzon is: “Empty cans make the loudest noise.”

With the Kapuso star retaliating through twitter, it only proved that there is more to it than meets the eye. This story is still far from being resolved.


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