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REVIEW: Belle Mariano Leaves No Room For Doubt with Debut Single, Sigurado

Mariano’s saccharine vocals perfectly complement ‘Sigurado’s’ sentimental but light arrangement.

Still two weeks before the premiere of her highly-anticipated, Mariano is leaving no room for doubt about the many things she can do other than acting, with the release of her debut track, Sigurado

All eyes are seemingly set upon DonBelle—ABS-CBN’s up-and-coming love team, which comprises two of its fast-rising stars, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano. As for Mariano, she releases what could be a career-defining track, early this week. The song’s arrival fittingly coincides with the overwhelming confidence being given to her team-up with Pangilinan. He’s Into Her, their first starring tv series, makes its debut on A2Z Channel 11, on May 30.

The words of ‘Sigurado’ talk of a young girl’s frustration over her feelings for a guy, whom she is already falling in love with. The first verse perfectly describes those vexing moments when the heart and the mind don’t seem to meet halfway. The chorus then talks of giving in to her emotions and finally handing everything to fate. ‘Wala nang siguro, sigurado ako’ the last line says, in a tone that promises that whatever would happen next, she would go with whoever her heart desires.

The second verse of the song shares the girl’s fear of being hurt by false promises, and hope of proving her scary suspicions wrong. That’s an abrupt departure from the chorus’s confident and hopeful declarations, which the song ultimately returns to before its bridge where the girl finally casts all her doubts.

Overall, this is a lovely track with an extremely hummable melody. Mariano’s saccharine vocals perfectly complement the track’s sentimental but light arrangement. There are moments in the track where, perhaps, a non-fan would be surprised at how good Mariano’s voice is. I mean, those riffs belong to a legit singer, that finding them in Mariano is a sure mindblower.

Belle Mariano’s Sigurado is now available on all digital streaming platforms, worldwide. Watch the music video of the song, below:

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