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The new ‘fake news’ king? Robin Padilla spreads back-to-back false pieces of information

Padilla stated that during the Spanish colonial era, DLSU was established “for insulares, peninsulares, and mestizos”.

Actor Robin Padilla spread wrong information again as he claimed that Spaniards were the ones who established De La Salle University.

Padilla stated that during the Spanish colonial era, DLSU was established “for insulares, peninsulares, and mestizos.”

His claim went against facts, thus, historians immediately made the necessary corrections.


Ang De La Salle University (DLSU-Manila) ay itinatag noong June 16, 1911 noong panahon ng mga…

Posted by High School Philippine History Movement on Monday, May 3, 2021

High School Philippine History Movement explained that DLSU was established on June 16, 1911, via the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools or Lasallian Brothers during the American period.

The group clarified that DLSU was not established by Spaniards then reminded everyone to verify facts and rely on credible sources only.

This false claim of Padilla is another one on his belt, after his defense of Sen. Bong Go who recently got slammed by Netizens after saying that Lapu-Lapu belonged to the Tausug tribe.

Padilla said that there’s nothing wrong with Go’s version of the Battle of Mactan story.

Robing said that Go-based his story on the Muslim’s beliefs: “Tinindigan niya yung kwento na si Lapu-Lapu ay isang Muslim. At masasabi ko na ang bersyon na yan, yan ang bersyon nang mga Muslim, Islamic Version. Meron din siyempre na Western version.”

Padilla even consulted historian Danilo Gerona to know the truth behind the story.

“Actually, sinabi ko talaga na meron Muslim community sa Mactan. Sabi sa ilang records, although hindi sinasabing Muslim si Lapu-Lapu. Ito ay base sa mga ulat ng mga espanyol.” 

Gerona also assumed that Go followed Abraham Ibarani-Idjirani’s because he is a politician.

Padilla then clarified that Go is not a politician, but a public servant instead.

“Hindi siya politician, isa siyang public servant. Katunayan, yung mga nandyan na mga senador, karamihan dyan, their profession is being a politician. Pero si Sen. Bong Go, he is not a politician. His heart is a public servant.”

The DDS actor reiterated that there’s nothing wrong with Go’s statement.

Nobody was present during Lapu-Lapu’s time–to prove his lineage so, both versions could either be wrong or right.

Before this, Padilla was burned by Army Colonel Mike Logico who accepted the actor’s challenge but pointed out instructions that Padilla should comply with first.

Logico instructed Padilla to get a haircut, take up a Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) then proceed to the third step, Command and General Staff College (CGSC).

“If you make it past step 3, you will have the minimum competency to become an RCDG (Regional Community Defense Group) Commander. That will put you in a better position to challenge,” Logico commented.

Logico comments came after Padilla’s call for a ‘militia challenge’ for all those critics of the government regarding the WPS issue.

Padilla assured in his statement that he was serious about his challenge but, when Logico accepted it, the actor backed out and even apologized to Logico.

“I apologize if in any way I offended you with my video. Sir, it’s too late for me to dream and become a highly trained officer like you. If destiny allows it I will just see you there in the high seas, not as a foe but a civilian ally…” Padilla said.

However, this apology of Padilla seems to be insincere because a few days after, he shared a post trying to pun about Logico’s comments against him.

Posted by Robin Padilla on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Padilla, because of his ‘fake’ bravery and false pieces of information, continues to be the talk of netizens who expressed their ire.


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