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‘#CongratsPresidentBBM,’ ‘#NeverAgain’ trend online during the official proclamation of Pres. Bongbong Marcos

During the proclamation rites, the dictator’s son became a trending topic online as netizens share their varied reactions regarding the results.

On May 25, hashtags #CongratsPresidentBBM and #NeverAgain became trending topics on Twitter as Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was proclaimed the Philippines’ 17th President.

Marcos Jr. was officially proclaimed as the new President-elect during a joint session in Congress.

During the proclamation rites, the dictator’s son became a trending topic online as netizens shared their varied reactions regarding the results.

His supporters, including actress Dawn Zulueta, sent their felicitations to Marcos Jr. and wished him the best as he would serve the country.

They also celebrated the return of the Marcoses to power almost four decades after the ouster of Marcos Sr.

Other netizens also joined in making the ‘#CongratsPresidentBBM’ trend but with irony as they expressed their disappointment with the results.

@simonfraud stated that BBM supporters could not genuinely celebrate because they won due to disinformation and maligning Vice President Leni Robredo, Marcos Jr.’s biggest rival.

@hellofranseth said that he would never celebrate the decision of the majority because it installed a President who is full of lies.

More netizens expressed their disappointment as Marcos Jr. was proclaimed, thus, making the #NeverAgain trend on Twitter.

@DeomarPandan feels ashamed as the Philippines is the only country where people trusted the son of a dictator.

@QuezonFm said that the youth tried hard to prevent another Marcos win, yet, the majority still chose him. Therefore, the country should be ready to face the consequences.

Marcos Jr. also mentioned that their priority is to clear their family’s name—proof that they are only after their own benefit rather than the whole Filipinos.

Sara Duterte, the daughter of outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte and running-mate of Marcos Jr., was also proclaimed on the same occasion.

Marcos Jr. earned 31.6 million votes or 58.77% of that ballot’s cast, leaving a huge margin against his rival Robredo who earned about 15 million votes. The recent election also had the highest voter turnout of 82%.

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