Tutuban Mall offers Virtual Zoo—an entirely innovative concept for a 360-degree shopping experience

While strolling around the mall, have you ever been asked by your kid about how the mightiest and amazing animals look like, for example an alligator (he may have asked you who “Lolong” is) or what a tarsier or “butanding” (whale shark) is?

You may not have a tablet PC on hand plus wi-fi connection available so you can’t access the Internet and provide answers to your kid’s questions. But don’t fret if you are indeed inside the mall, especially if it’s Tutuban Center, which will soon introduce its newest attraction—the Tutuban Virtual Zoo.

Envisioned as part of its entertainment and recreation component, the Tutuban Virtual Zoo was conceptualized and developed to cater to naturally curious young minds and provide answers to questions they may have about the animal kingdom. Located at the 4th level of Tutuban Center, the Tutuban Virtual Zoo is open to the public.

Even without live animals, it will be a thrill for kids and parents to explore and take pictures of various interesting and popular animals that are fun to identify. These photos will be mounted on the lobby’s walls for zoo-goers to marvel and enjoy.

But aside from the virtual animal attractions, the Tutuban Virtual Zoo will have interesting corners that will excite Tutuban Center shoppers as they go around the huge shopping area, an example of which is the Nature Springs corner.

Popular mobile phone brand My Phone will also put an interactive photo booth where it will provide free photo opportunity sessions to mallgoers together with their favorite artists. Definitely, not just the 3D photos of animals but also the photo booth will give Tutuban Center aficionados more reason to shop at Tutuban Center and enjoy their Tutuban Virtual Zoo experience together with the whole family.

The Tutuban Virtual Zoo—an entirely innovative concept for a 360-degree shopping experience—only at Tutuban Center, located along C.M. Recto Avenue, Manila.



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